Ohio St. vs. Marshall: the Brutally Honest Game Preview

jim tressel

Basically, college football is to me what cocaine is to Paris Hilton- I go through withdrawal without it. Therefore, as the season begins (and that long offseason finally ends) I’m covering not one but two games this week.

Throughout the season, I’ll be bringing you these informative yet blunt game previews of every contest I cover; with a heavy focus on Northwestern, Illinois, Notre Dame, and the Big Ten in general.

Ohio St. versus Marshall should be a very tight and exciting game…for the first quarter and a half. Ohio St QB Terrelle Pryor came into Columbus with sky high expectations. In the state of Ohio, he’s had almost as much hype as ESPN’s airing of Lebron’s The Decision. After two seasons of mixed reviews, Pryor began to live up to that hype in the 2010 Rose Bowl, as he carved up the Oregon defense like a surgeon (“Like a surgeon, HEY! Cutting for the very first time. Like a surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgeon, here’s a waiver, for you to sign.”)

By Paul M. Banks

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Spielman Enters Hall of Fame, Forecasts 2010 Ohio St. Buckeyes


Each member of the 2010 College Football Hall of Fame class had a large contingent of fans present in South Bend, Indiana this weekend to honor him. But of the 24 person class, the partisans present on behalf of Ohio State legend Chris Spielman stood out above the rest. They were the largest group; over a hundred strong showed up sporting Spielman’s scarlet #36 jersey.

And as well they should have- because Spielman truly made a name for himself during his four years in Columbus, leading the Buckeyes to three consecutive bowl games and two Big Ten Championships. Like every player eligible for CFHOF induction, he was also a first team All-American; and first team All-Big Ten three times.

Today, he works as a college football color commentator in Columbus for local sports talk radio as well as ESPN. So when I had an exclusive with him on Saturday, my first question was, of course, what about the 2010 Buckeyes?

By Paul M. Banks

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