Who Would Benefit Most from Winning NBA Draft Lottery?


By: David Kay

The ping pong balls will be plucked Tuesday night and we will find out who wins the John Wall sweepstakes otherwise known as the NBA Draft lottery.  Since its inception, we have learned how this night can forever change the face of a franchise.  Just ask the Knicks and Patrick Ewing or the Spurs and Tim Duncan.   In fact, only three times since 1990, has the team with the best odds of landing the number one overall pick actually won the lottery.  Last year, the Kings had the best percentage and actually ended up drafting fourth while the Clippers had luck on their side moving into the number one slot.

So who needs the ping pong ball to bounce their way this time around?  Allow me to break down each lottery team and how badly they need the number one pick and what it would mean for their franchise’s future.  Click here for my 2010 NBA Mock Draft.
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