Wide strike zone a trend in MLB playoffs

Maddon Tossed

As another MLB postseason gets underway, we welcome back some of the game’s great traditions: sprawling sellout crowds, three-man rotations, and elimination games.  Even the cable networks step up their game for the playoffs, introducing strike zone radars like TBS’s “Pitch Trax.” The idea is that everyone is held to a higher standard in the playoffs – even the umpires.

But are the umpires meeting those high standards?  If you believe TBS’s often unreliable Pitch Trax, you’d have to say no.

By Josh Weinstock

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The Backdoor Cut Twins-Yankees Series Breakdown

Andy Pettitte

The Backdoor Cut takes a look back at games one and two of the New York Yankees-Minnesota Twins ALDS….Umpiring, Andy Pettitte’s Dominance, playoff managing, and Lance Berkman’s re-emergance are just a few of the topics touched on…If you like what you hear, listen to the radio version of The Backdoor Cut Tuesday Nights from 9-11 p.m. on 91.7 fm KAUG or online at www.augsburg.edu/kaug.


-Mike Gallagher

Minnesota Twins-New York Yankees Series Preview

Twins-Yankees playoffs

The history in the Minnesota Twins-New York Yankees matchup may not be long, but it is storied. [Read more…]