Adrian Peterson Right? NFL Players Association Akin to “Modern Day Slavery”?

adrian peterson

As the NFL Players Association and the league and owners failed to hash out a deal before the expiration of the NFL collective bargaining agreement, the law has gotten involved, and emotions are running high. Much controversy has surrounded a recent comment made by Vikings star running back, Adrian Peterson. In an interview with Yahoo, Peterson likened the current situation between players and owners to “modern day slavery”. This language, of course, ruffled a good many feathers, and has had the talking heads foaming at the mouth ever since, but is there something to Peterson’s comments?

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Big Ten Post-Season Awards

By: David Kay

With the exception of the four teams who finished within a game of each other atop the Big Ten standings, the conference as a whole has to be considered a disappointment.  Teams like Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota failed to meet the expectations put upon them in the pre-season.

Still, the junior class running the Big Ten put forth some tremendous seasons.  Time now for me to hand out my Big Ten post-season awards:

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