Blackhawks-Canucks Game 7 Preview

There was time (not more than two weeks ago) when it was dicey whether the Hawks would even have a post season, and now they’re the giving this year’s President’s Trophy winners a run for their money. Could this be the third year in a row the Hawks end the playoff run for the Canucks?

Only three other teams have made a comeback from a 3-0 hole to win a series: Toronto in ’42, Islanders in ’75 and Phillie last year. Could the Blackhawks be the fourth?

By Harrini Krishnan

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Canucks Breaking President’s Curse With 2-0 Series Lead On Blackhawks?

Since the 1985-86 season, the NHL has annually awarded the top seeded team of the regular season The President’s Trophy. And every year, there’s always a handful of superstitious fans that insist that the winner of the trophy is cursed in the playoffs.

There have been 25 teams, now including Vancouver, that have won the trophy. And of the previous 24, only seven have been able to bring the Cup home. Even better, a quarter of those 24 didn’t even get past the first round!

And of course, the first round match-up for the Canucks have to be the Blackhawks—the team that has knocked them out of the playoffs in six games, twice in a row.

Determined to turn things around this year, the Canucks have hustled through the first two games, taking a 2-0 lead after an effort-packed game last night. Unfortunately for them, the Hawks are finally waking up to smell the playoff coffee, and the games have just begun.

By Harrini Krishnan

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NHL Playoff Preview: Blackhawks in for a Canucks Killing?

I am going to be completely honest: I did not see the Blackhawks actually clinching a spot this year. But the Chi-town boys are back in the playoffs, and now that they’re here (despite all the obits being written following the loss to the Red Wings) they are of course the returning Stanley Cup champions.

The first round of playoffs matches them with the Vancouver Canucks, with whom they have an interesting recent rivalry. For the past two years, the Blackhawks have ended it for the Canucks; knocking Vancouver out in six games in the second round both times.

This year, however, things seem to be quite different.

By Harrini Krishnan

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Chicago Blackhawks Still in Contention After OT Loss

With three games remaining, the Hawks barely hang on to 8th in the Western Conference, only two points ahead of 9th place Calgary.

Thirty-seven seconds into OT, Hawks’ Captain, Jonathon Toews, gets called for a tripping penalty on rookie defenseman, Subban, and the Canadiens went on a 4-on-3 advantage. Incidentally, 33 seconds later, Subban scores the game winning power play OT goal to help the Canadiens clinch their playoff spot.

The Hawks may still be in contention but are skating on very thin ice.

By Harrini Krishnan

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Coach Quenneville Returns to the Ice

Coach Quenneville

The man who handed Chicago its dignity in a sterling silver Cup, Joel Quenneville, was rushed to the hospital last Wednesday with a hole in his abdomen.

With the joys of coaching the returning Stanley Cup champions, comes the pains of stress and lack of sleep. Although popping aspirins every morning may seem like the easy way out, it’s definitely not the painless way out.

Quenneville’s use of aspirins had landed him in the emergency room with serious gastrointestinal bleeding brought on by a small peptic ulcer. He was hospitalized till Sunday, forcing him to miss two games, which to ‘Coach Q’ must have been the most painful part.

By Harrini Krishnan

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Chicago Blackhawks Rising Back To The Top

Earlier this season, it looked as if the Chicago Blackhawks would be scraping the bottom of the barrel in the playoffs. Losing strong players to contractual problems, salary-cap restrictions and a staggering number of injuries, the season started looking bleak, before the season even began.

Somehow, at some point, time knocked some sense into the defending champs and now they are second in the division, only five points behind the Red Wings.

“They’re still the champs,” Red Wings’ defenseman Niklas Lidstrom acknowledged. “I know they’ve had a couple of injuries that have hurt them but they’re still a tough team, especially in their building [United Center].”

The way both teams are playing lately, and due to recent injuries on the Red Wing’s behalf, it wouldn’t be too big of a shock to see the Hawks give the Wings a run for their money.

By Harrini Krishnan

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NHL Power Rankings

Now that we’re into the month of December, we can now see which teams have are legitimate Stanley Cup playoff contenders and which teams have begun their descent towards the NHL draft lottery.  To coin a phrase once used to jumpstart a struggling team, “It starts now.”

With that, here are the power rankings for the week ending December 10th:

By Ed Cmar

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Detroit and Columbus Give Blackhawks two Divisional Mountains to Climb


When I covered the 2009 NHL Western Conference Finals, I saw firsthand when the Detroit Red Wings soundly defeated the Chicago Blackhawks. Actually, I saw Detroit own Chicago the way Goldman Sachs owns the United States government, and it made me realize the only way the Blackhawks were ever going to win the Cup was if they did during a Detroit down year.

Sure enough last year, the Hawks peaked before the implosion of salary cap grenade, and at the same exact time Detroit suffered a ton of broken wings. But now that those Wings have all healed, and the road back to the top of division goes through the Motor City; and Columbus too.

I don’t see St. Louis or Nashville as a legitimate threat, but if the Hawks are goign to turn this epitome of mediocrity that is 2010-11 into a worthwhile season, they’ll have get past both the Red Wings and the Blue Jackets.

By Paul M. Banks

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2010–2011 Chicago Blackhawks Season Preview

patrick kane drinking

It’s that time of year again!!! The air is getting colder, and the sweaters are coming out.  The hockey sweaters that is.  Well maybe not today exactly in Chicago- it’s actually perfect and 75 out today. And it’ll be almost 80 this weekend. But eventually, probably a few games into the regular season, it will get cold, and it will be officially hockey season. Opening Day of the NHL 2010-11 season is here and today, we take a look at the Chicago Blackhawks, and what to expect for the season.

As you can see from the picture above, Patrick Kane and company, the reigning Stanley Cup Champions, are the toast of the town, America’s #1 sports town.

By: Bryan Vickroy

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NHL Season Preview: Central Division

blackhawks limo

It’s that time of year again!!! The air is getting colder, and the sweaters are coming out.  The hockey sweaters that is.  From now until Opening Day of the NHL 2010 season, look out for new division previews, new in depth team outlooks, and big predictions and prognostications of the glorious season to come.  Today, we take a look at the Central Division, the Chicago Blackhawks and what to expect this season.


By: Bryan Vickroy

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Greater Understanding the Blackhawks Salary Cap Mess/Roster Implosion

Blackhawks Trade Versteeg, Contradicting Previous “No More Trades” Statement


What a difference five days can make in the world of the Chicago BlackhawksGM Stan Bowman. Here’s what was written by Chicago Breaking Sports on June 25th. Note the Bowman quotes:

Bowman said Friday that despite the rumors, many of which focused on winger Kris Versteeg, the Hawks don’t have to make any more deals to clear space under the salary cap to sign key restricted free agents, including goaltender Antti Niemi and defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson. The Hawks have already dealt Dustin Byfuglien, Brent Sopel, Ben Eager and Colin Fraser.

“We’re fine,” Bowman said. “We made our move to unload some salary there and the salary cap was higher than we anticipated; we didn’t think it would be at $59.4 (million). Those combinations made it a much better scene.”

And tonight, here’s the transaction they completed:

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