IOSHA Fines Notre Dame $77,000 for Declan Sullivan Negligence


Notre Dame is slapped with $77,500 in fines following the state of Indiana’s investigation into the death of student football videographer Declan Sullivan. This morning, Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Association officials released their findings into the death of Sullivan, who died Oct. 27, 2010 after the scissor lift he was standing atop collapsed under historically high winds.

Wind gusts got up into the 5os that day, and wind advisories were all over the Midwest.

$55,000 of the total is for a “knowing violation”- directing an untrained student to use the scissor lift when the weather service had issued a warning. These are quite rare.

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Everything changes today, yet everything stays the same. It’s business as usual this banner day, but I’m revolutionizing the emotion surrounding my approach. I’ve been too much like Chad Ocho Cinco or Terrell Owens when it comes to handling success. Cocky, brash, bragging about traffic stats, tweeting my Alexa traffic rank.

However, now that we’ve reached a new benchmark, a new summit, I’ll be more professional than a Ron Turner press conference. Success is no surprise; it’s standard protocol. Like Barry Sanders visiting the end zone: “act like you’ve been there before.”

Quote Eminem’s 8 Mile soundtrack, “I was playing in the beginning; the mood all changed!” In two years and change I’ve gone from blogger/hobbyist to entrepreneur.

I am a journalist, but I do a helluva lot more than attending and covering sporting events. In addition to doing an overwhelming majority of TSB’s posting and writing, I also do the programming, source code debugging, SEO strategy, content editing, managing, recruiting/motivating of writers, and negotiating/working with our 11 ad networks.

All the while trying to augment/maintain our site’s ComScore rating. Whatever that is.

Orange krush

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White Sox Ruin Cubs’ 20,000th Franchise Game

cubs-sox series

It’s fitting that a pitiful franchise synonymous with losing would lose their landmark game. The Chicago Cubs tonight became the first major league franchise to reach 20,000 regular season games played when they were beaten by the Chicago White Sox 3-2. The Sox win gives them the BP Crosstown Cup  for the first time in the trophy history. (And what says prestigious trophy better than “BP.”) It was also the Sox 8th win in their last 9 tries over the Cubs. Cubs players and field staff will wore patches with a unique “20,000th Game” logo to commemorate the milestone.

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