4 Cases Where Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer Is A Must


No one wishes for an injury or other tragedy to occur to them, but it does happen. There are times when there is a need to find a personal injury lawyer and other times when you must save that phone number for later. 

Let us take a look at four such circumstances:

You Suffered Long-Term or Permanently Disabling Injuries

In most cases, should you be the victim of personal injuries, whether or not you can recover compensation is dependent on how serious your injuries are? The first thing you’d need to do is to assess your injuries to determine their permanency or long-term effects. 

If these injuries are long-term or permanent, it would warrant hiring an experienced and effective lawyer like a personal injury law firm with the resources at its disposal can help maximize the amount of money you receive from your case. The odds of being awarded a settlement or jury verdict are in your favor if you had a serious injury or were disabled as a result of the accident.  Also, consult a doctor who may be able to help you establish and scrutinize all details leading to the injuries sustained.

You Suffered Severe Injuries

How do you feel about personal injury lawyers? Some people instantly cringe at the mere sound of the word. They associate it with ambulance-chasing attorneys who don’t care about anything except for their own pockets. Others think it’s a great thing when someone helps those who are in dire need of compensation. 

Regardless of what side you fall on, personal injury lawyers play an important role in our society and are often the only real way to obtain justice if you have suffered from a serious injury. Personal injury lawyers are needed to ensure that victims receive help with their medical bills, make up for lost wages and sufferings, and most importantly punish those who caused the injuries to begin with.

There Are Multiple Parties Involved or Liability Is Not Clear

Personal injury cases not only involve a single person but may involve multiple parties or areas or faults. For instance, when an accident occurs, there are always 3 parties involved: the person claiming the injury (called the plaintiff), the party that caused the injury (called the defendant), and when applicable, a third-party who may be at fault. 

Like in a rear-end collision, both the plaintiff and defendant are people, but if another car were to hit them from behind then a third-party of that car would be blamed. This is to say, it is often difficult to establish liability in accidents. If there is any dispute over the liability of the case, then the personal injury lawyer you have hired will be able to help you through this situation.

The Insurance Company Refuses to Pay or Engages in Bad Faith Tactics

A personal injury lawyer can help when there is a dispute with the insurance company. Insurance companies to save money and time will sometimes deny claims that should be paid. We’ve all heard of cases where even after the insurance company pays the claim it looks for ways to challenge it and take it back. That can happen even when a settlement was reached.

 A personal injury lawyer will be able to either get your money or resolve the dispute. A personal injury lawyer will want their clients to feel safe knowing their interests are well cared for just as if they were our own.

The insurance Company Issues a Low Settlement Offer

If the insurance company sends you a low settlement offer, it might be because they are testing to see if you are willing to accept their offer and walk away from your claim. Although a low settlement offer could also mean that this is the compensation they believe your claim is worth. Either way, If you walk away from the case, there is a chance that you will not receive any additional compensation beyond the initial settlement amount.  This is not acceptable and you must hire a personal injury lawyer at this point to get you the settlement that you deserve.

At the end of the day, hiring an attorney in these cases is a must to make sure your rights are not trampled. Personal injury claims cases can be very complex and tiring. Add that to the fact that insurance companies and other parties that may be liable for the injury are working hard to ensure they do not have to spend money covering another person’s medical expenses. You need someone on your side – you need a personal injury lawyer.


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