Possible Mentors for Vikings QB Christian Ponder


The Minnesota Vikings are recuperating during the current bye week. Rookie quarterback Christian Ponder has now become the starter and I would like to offer some other people at the position to possibly emulate him.

John Elway: Like Ponder, this player stands out for his academic and athletic prowess. Stanford is the Ivy League of the West; Ponder was able to attain a degree in finance in only two and a half years. He then went on to earn a Masters in Business Administration before his playing career was over at the university. Elway has been successful in his endeavors after his career and Ponder will likely follow in his footsteps.

Warren Moon: He was never the most heralded player during his time, but the numbers speak for themselves. Ponder has been overshadowed by Tim Tebow and Cam Newton thus far. It can be a blessing in disguise though because he can go about his business with substantially less distractions than the aforementioned players. Moon even performed outside of the NFL for a period of time-relegating him to second tier status in the eyes of some fans. There was a portion of the public that did the same to Ponder when he didn’t start from the first snap.

Dan Marino: This man is the best pure passer on this list. Obviously, the most important part of the position is throwing the ball. Analyzing the release and total process that Marino incorporated could pay dividends for Ponder. He doesn’t have a truly talented receiving corps, so it is of the utmost importance that he is consistently accurate. Donovan McNabb threw enough worm burners already to last an entire season.

Joe Montana: Al Davis coined the phrase, “just win baby” in the bay area, but Joe Montana is the quarterback who did it. He is the overachiever of the list who was a natural leader. His ability to throw slant routes to Jerry Rice solidified the dynasty throughout the eighties. He also had the ability to be unflappable during the biggest of games. Ponder might not have experience in the playoffs for a while, but this is still a larger stage than he is accustomed to.

Phil Simms: The CBS broadcaster has recently made headlines with some critical remarks regarding Andrew Luck and his pro potential. He is the mentor in terms of media relations. He played successfully in the biggest market with the ticking time bomb known as Lawrence Taylor. He now analyzes games with Jim Nantz as the number one team for the network. He didn’t burn bridges like Tiki Barber and it allowed him to step into his very lucrative second career.

Christian Ponder has the potential to become a quality quarterback in the league. There will be countless people trying to bend his ear throughout his career. Who he listens to could change the course of events in future games. Everybody is entitled to his own opinion, but some are certainly more valuable than others. Ponder must consider motives and agendas behind the advice.

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