Pete Carroll Book Tour should be CANCELLED



Remember that email forward circulating a few years ago? Listing the shortest books ever written?

Updated for today, it would read something like “Sobriety, Sanity, and Self-Control” by Lindsay Lohan, “Anger Management” by Mel Gibson, “Racial Tolerance and Understanding” by Rush Limbaugh, “Sound Logic, Reason and Decision-Making” co-authored by Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann…well, you get the idea.

I would put Pete Carroll’s “Win Forever” in the same exact category. A man who just burned the once proud USC program into the ground, and then fled college football to find safe asylum with the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, dodging NCAA repercussions, doesn’t deserve dollar one from his book tour. He doesn’t even DESERVE A BOOK.

He won’t admit it, and it hasn’t been proven yet, but he knew what was going on USC, and did nothing to stop it. And now the Trojans are a shell of a program because of rampant corruption occurring on his watch.

This is supposed to be a role model?

By Paul M. Banks


What IDIOT is actually going to buy this book? Unless you’re trying to learn how to win by cheating, then go right ahead! Seriously, how has the publisher not recalled all these books and destroyed them yet? Does anyone still look up to Carroll? He’s a disgrace and a false idol on parallel with Lance Armstrong. Or what Lance Armstrong will soon become now that his closest cyclist friends are making public the details of Lance’s doping.

It’s disgusting that the maxim “cheaters never prosper” doesn’t apply to Carroll and won’t apply to Armstrong after all the awful truth about him is revealed.

Here’s more on the topic from Seahawks 12th man Army.

Last month the NCAA decided USC didn’t “Win Cleanly.”

So a question occurs to me:
Does Pete Carroll have no shame?

And that answer is no, but that’s not a surprise. When the NCAA leveled USC as hard as it has hit a high-profile program since crushing SMU with the death penalty in 1987, Carroll waited about 15 minutes to fire off a YouTube video where he claimed to be “absolutely shocked and disappointed” by the sanctions. His best player, Reggie Bush, was essentially the second-highest paid guy on campus behind Carroll, with cash and a car and luxury housing. But Carroll was “absolutely shocked and disappointed” by the sanctions.

To read the whole thing go here

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