Patriots front-runner for Tim Tebow? Jaguars, Dolphins also in the mix



Word is all over the internets today that the Peyton Manning deal is done. He’ll sign with the Denver Broncos. Which means jettisoning incumbent starter and 2011 franchise identity Tim Tebow. And surprisingly John Fox and John Elway aren’t expecting much in return for Tebow; therefore it’s a buyer’s market.

The most logical landing spot might be with the offensive coordinator-then-head-coach Josh McDaniels who originally drafted him in 2010. McDaniels is back to his old gig with the New England Patriots, meaning Foxboro could be Tebow Town….if a season ending injury to Tom Brady occurred.


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“Here’s an interesting proposition, just a rumor. Let’s say you have Manning going to Denver,” Clayton said on ESPN Radio over the weekend according to “Tim Tebow is probably going to be traded. He’s not going to Jacksonville, they’ve already got Chad Henne. New England. You trade him to New England and groom him to be kind of a role player, and then you trade Ryan Mallett in some way. It’s just a rumor.”

I’m inclined to disagree with Clayton about the Jacksonville situation. I don’t see Chad Henne as a game-changer. I’m more inclined to agree with the thoughts of

In Jacksonville, the tarps would be put in storage until Tebow’s career ends, with Gator fans joining Jaguars fans and filling EverBank Field up like it only is when Florida plays Georgia there.  Yeah, they signed Chad Henne last week.  So what?  This is Tim H. Tebow; he’s a phenomenon.  Tebow gets acquired first for business reasons and second for football purposes.

I said the very same things on draft day, and the situation still applies.

As for the Dolphins, Tebow mania engulfed the entire state, not just central Florida when he was playing his college football for the Gators. Tebow is big in South Florida too and if the Dolphins don’t reach an agreement with Alex Smith soon, he could be their man. Heck, Smith without Jim Harbaugh guiding him, is a talent that could still get beaten out by Tebow.

Just don’t expect Tebow to utter the insanely overused cliche “taking my talents to South Beach.”

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