NFL Mock Draft 2nd Round 2-9

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  1. http://Mike%20J says

    OK, here’s the deal: if Tampa takes Berry, they have to come back rd. 2 & take a DT–maybe Jones as you posit. I think they need a guard maybe more than a DE, & more than a tackle as they can be status quo at that spot in 2010.But they need a WR (or two) more than any of these latter positions–Decker in rd. 2 would be adequate, though.

  2. http://Mike%20J says

    *Decker in rd. 3

  3. http://paulmbanks says

    I think Decker might fall to round 3-4. The deepest positions in this draft are definitely DE and OT, but I think you’re right- I’ll think they’ll pass over those positions, and go for most pressing need with their high picks

  4. http://tulsajim says

    drafting rb best makes no sense, just like all the other backs the browns have.

  5. http://paulmbanks says

    I see your point, and it’s quite valid. But, given how awful their RBs are now, why not start over? tell me why they shouldn’t take a new a running back to start over

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