Patriots Legend Tedy Bruschi Doesn’t Have “Clean Read” on Super Bowl LI


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How will the New England Patriots fare against a formidable Atlanta Falcons football team?

What makes Houston, host of Super Bowl LI, any different from other NFL championship locations?

On Tuesday when I went one-on-one with former New England Patriots line backer Tedy Bruschi, I asked him those exact questions.

Bruschi himself is a 3-time Super Bowl champion, playing one of those contests in Houston, alongside some of those who will take the field in NRG Stadium this weekend.

In regards to the location of the big game, Tedy Bruschi implied a Super Bowl was just that – regardless of where it was played.

“Well, playing the game in Houston compared to other places – I don’t know, I guess the only difference would be the city… it never mattered where it was.”

“You know, the game is still special.  The game is still big. Once you get out there and play, it’s the same as it was before.”

As for how the game is to unfold, Tedy Bruschi said he didn’t necessarily have a clear-cut prediction. However, he did provide some analysis and insight on both teams as they head into the Super Bowl.

“This one here is (between) two great football teams.  I wish I could say I had a clean read on what it was gonna be, but there’s so many variables that I’m just not sure of. I’m not sure of the Falcons’ defense because since Thanksgiving, 81 percent of their snaps in the fourth quarter, they’ve had a lead of 15 points or more,’ Bruschi said.

He went on to say given the Falcons had never really played a close game, so their ability to hold up as a defense was in question.

“Have they been in a close game? What are they going to do when they’re challenged? Things like that.  Or the New England defense themselves going up against Matt Ryan and this system.  I mean, I know that in Kyle Shanahan, from Mike Shanahan, the zone read, the play action that Matt Ryan does that he’s gotten so much better at (since) last year. It’s a system that can give the Patriots’ defense problems.  Just having experience in having played in it (the Patriots’ defense), it’s a lot different.”

“So I can’t tell you how (it’s going to unfold). I just know it’s going to be a close game. You know, so the kickers come into play?  They’re both good kickers also. It’s going to be a great Super Bowl.”

Super Bowl LI kickoff will occur at 5:30 P.M. CT on Sunday, Feb. 5. at NRG Stadium in Houston, TX.

Crissy Froyd is a current student residing in Spring,Texas. She currently covers sports for The Bank, USA TODAY – Titans Wire and the Fansided Network. Her work has also been featured on and Yahoo! Sports. Crissy is enrolled at Stephen F. Austin State University, and is majoring in Mass Communications. Find her on Twitter @crissy_froyd.

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