Favre Love Fest



By Rikki Greenberg

There was a whole lotta loving going on Sunday night.
Jets quarterback Brett Favre (24/34 for 289 yards) threw a career-high six touchdown passes leading a 56-35 victory over the Arizona Cardinals at the Meadowlands. The Big Cheese either had hour-long late night phone conversations with his receivers, took them for a candle-lit dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant, or a combination of the two because he connected with a number of offensive players throughout the course of the game.
Wide receiver Laveraneus Coles caught three touchdown passes, J-Co had two, and rookie tight end Dustin Keller had one. The go-to man for the night was Lav Coles, so I’m going to safely assume that his face was the one at the other end of the glowing candle that night.
Other highlights included a fumble recovery by newly signed Jets cornerback Hank Poteat, a blocked field goal by nose tackle Kris Jenkins and an interception by cornerback Danielle Revis to give the Jets a two score lead early in the second. The defense made their presence known, putting consistent pressure on the veteran Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner (40/57 for 472 yards) throughout the game. The Jets defense had a total of five turnovers in the first half (two interceptions and three fumbles) and sent Warner to the cushy green five times.

Cardinals fans (if any actually exist) likely became panicky when Cardinals wide receiver and two-time Pro-Bowler Anquan Boldin suffered a sandwich hit between Jets defenders Kerry Rhodes and Eric Smith with 27 seconds left to go in the fourth quarter. Boldin lay motionless on the field for some time and was carried off on a stretcher to the Cardinals locker room, where he was said to be “alert and talking.” According to an article published by the washingtonpost.com today, Boldin has shown signs of progression from his injury and the possibilities of damage to the head or neck was ruled out. The expected time of return is unknown for Boldin, according to the team’s website.


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  1. I might need to buy the throw back Favre Jets jersey

  2. Candle-light dinners with Favre? sounds like some of David K.’s fantasies

  3. Peter Christian says

    I thought the throwback NY Jets/Titans jersey was pretty sweet.

  4. The Statue of Harold Baines says

    Yep, Weeb Ewbank would be proud. Happy New Year Rikki!

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