Brett Favre Is A Better Bargain Than Matthew Stafford


jenn sterger

Jenn Sterger recently met with NFL officials for three hours in an undisclosed location in New York. It is arguable what’s the bigger issue for Favre: this or the Minnesota Vikings current record of 3-5?

Their opponent, the monsters of the midway are actually limping into the game even though their wins and losses are inverse of the Vikings. Most sports books in Las Vegas place Minnesota as a slight favorite even though Percy Harvin is doubtful.

Although, NFL injury reports are about as reliable as investment advice from Bernie Madoff.

Matthew Stafford went down last week in the Detroit Lions loss to the Jets. He once again injured his right shoulder, which haunted him earlier in the season. Shaun Hill is ready to take over once again in his absence.

By Patrick Herbert

The good news for the organization is that the Buffalo Bills are on the horizon.

Matthew Stafford looks like he’s out for the season with the following statistics under his belt: fifty-seven completions in ninety-six attempts. His ratio of six touchdowns to only one interception is impressive, but it is in a minimal body of work. The rating of 91.3 is somewhat impressive, but again small sample size.

Part of the reason Favre is more of a bargain than Stafford is that his contract is for a shorter period of time. Matthew Stafford garnered the guaranteed money through the signing bonus when he departed Athens, Georgia. Jamarcus Russell showed us that top picks obtain the aforementioned money no matter what their production level is.

Favre did compile a career season last year, nearly taking the Vikings to the Super Bowl, but he is a better deal than Stafford because his streak of nearly three hundred career starts allows the Vikings to game plan with little or no thought for contingencies.

There is no guess work regarding who takes the lion’s share of the snaps in practice. Pun intended!

Two of the league’s bottom rated passers entering last week’s games were Derek Anderson of the Arizona Cardinals and Brett Favre. The latter does have more interceptions than touchdowns (13-9). He also only has comprised a quarterback rating of 75.7 thus far in the season-completing sixty-three percent of his passes for nearly nineteen hundred yards.

But he’s a better buy for the organization because of: the number of snaps that he has taken, the possibility of further greatness in the future, big game experience, length of the contract, and less guaranteed money. Vikings fans are livid with Brad Childress because of expectations entering the season. They have reason for solace though because half of the season remains and the schedule does get easier, at least theoretically.

It’s not like they are the Dallas Cowboys. Their starting quarterback is still in the line-up and no team is looking dominant in the NFC North.

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