Bengals Cheerleader who won $11 Million Now Being Investigated



Remember our good friend Sarah Jones who was once a member of the Cincinnati Bengals cheerleading squad? In October 2009, Bengals players called her saying they saw a posting on claiming she had been seen around town with a Cincinnati Bengals player and had sex with the entire Bengals football team.

Jones eventually won $11 million in a libel lawsuit stemming from that situation, and publicly confronted the website owner Nik Richie who published those lies. Jones and Richie later came face to face on “Anderson.”

But Jones’ story is not over and more controversy surrounds her, as it is now the former Ben-Gal herself being investigated!


All the rumors, gossip and hateful speech forced Jones to resign from her high school teaching job in Edgewood, Ohio on Nov. 30th. Part of the reason she won so much money in punitive damages is the fact she had to give up her vocation under intense duress. However, authorities aren’t exactly certain she’s totally an innocent victim.

From Deadspin:

she’s now the subject of two investigations. Kentucky’s Attorney General is assigning a special prosecutor to a criminal case against Jones, and Kentucky’s Education Professional Standards Board is conducting an independent investigation of its own. She could lose her teaching certificate. Neither agency will say yet what Jones has been accused of, but the local NBC affiliate reports that she initially resigned from Dixie Heights High School “after allegations that she had an inappropriate relationship with a student.”


Jones herself has not issued a statement nor commented publicly on this matter, but her lawyer Eric Deters did:

“Sarah Jones maintains that she’s innocent, that this is just a terrible rumor and it’s my understanding that the alleged victim denies it also,” Deters said. “Sarah is being fully cooperative, and there have been no charges filed against her.” (

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