Can Derek Fisher Make The New York Knicks Stronger?


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Derek Fisher signed a five – year contract with the New York Knicks and he will now be the next head coach of the team. Fisher has strong ties with the new president, Phil Jackson and the two of them together are expected to work hard in order to make the Knicks a better team. So, what can Fisher really do to help the Knicks get back into a championship course? Can he even make the Knicks a better team?

Whilst the 39 – year old former point guard has zero coaching experience, with the guidance and mentorship of Phil Jackson, he can adjust the Knicks’ playing style. We should expect to see the Knicks playing in a style similar to what Jackson’s team used to follow, when he was coaching. The triangle offense will most probably be used and we may also see a different defensive approach than the one we have seen over the last few years from New York.

On top of that, Fisher will bring a breath of fresh air to the team and he can mentor the younger guys, especially the ones playing in the backcourt. After all, Fisher was an active member of a championship contending team up to a few weeks before he accepted this coaching position. The five time NBA champion will also help the team incorporate a championship mentality and Phil Jackson will certainly assist towards that direction.

When it comes to Carmelo Anthony and the gravity Fisher’s hiring has to Melo’s stay in NYC, if Fisher plays a role on Anthony’s re-signing, that will be a huge personal success for him, for Phil Jackson and the entire Knicks organization. So, if Fisher is the reason why Melo chooses to stay in New York or at least one of the reasons, than the rookie coach will worth all his money. And he will have set the foundation of taking this team to the top of the league. With Anthony onboard and with the burden – contracts expiring after the end of the next season, the New York Knicks can stay optimistic that it won’t take long before they can be called championship contenders.

In overall, Fisher’s signing is a solid one for New York. Knicks fans should feel optimistic about their near future of their team, but they should also be realists. The upcoming season will most probably will be another difficult one. Even if Derek Fisher manages to turn things upside down when it comes to the style of play and the mentalitywith which the Knicks play the game, there just doesn’t seem to be enough talent onboard to fight for a championship.

We could see New York performing a few correcting moves during the offseason. They might bring in a few capable players and even trade for some valuable pieces, but as long as the huge contracts of Amar’e Stoudemire, Andrea Bargnani and Tyson Chandler are in the books, the Knicks will have a ceiling which they won’t be able to overpass.

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