Jay Williams Believes Chicago Bulls Should “Start Over” (Exclusive)



“It might be time to start over, Chicago fans may hate me for saying that, but when something doesn’t work and continues not to work, it’s time to say ‘OK, we need to make some changes,” said ESPN Analyst and Former Chicago Bulls Guard Jay Williams.

“Some legitimate changes and maybe go in a different direction,” Williams continued.

“I’m not saying that pertains to any one player or another, but you have to make a decision in order to move on.”


I would hope Bulls fans don’t hate Jay Williams for saying this, because he’s just telling it like it is. Please don’t shoot the messenger. After all, we wrote a few weeks ago that it’s time for the Chicago Bulls to blow this thing up.

No one really seemed to disagree at the time.

The Bulls are currently in tenth place, on the outside looking in regarding the NBA Playoffs. Even if they could somehow sneak into that 8th and final slot, a date with the Cleveland Cavaliers would await. You know how that ends; the Bulls versus Lebron James in the postseason is a narrative more rehashed and predictable than the “Police Academy” and “Fast & Furious” franchises combined.

Jay Williams gave an exclusive conversation to The Sports Bank Tuesday morning at the United Center, after it was announced that he’ll have a new position with the McDonald’s All-American game.


A 1999 McDAA selection himself, Williams will now work with the games in a new role that’s a fusion of Ambassador and Consultant. He continued to opine on the Bulls:

“They’ve been plagued by injuries, that’s been a challenge for Fred and company.”

“I think Fred is a really good coach and I think it’s tremendous challenge to manage powerful personalities and when you think about this team, it just seems like Jimmy Butler and D. Rose just can’t find their rhythm.”


“If you think about the inner dynamic of that, it’s fascinating. Because five years ago, this is Derrick Rose’s team. He’s signing a $100 million deal with Adidas; Derrick Rose is the next coming here in Chicago, and then injuries occur.”

“Then it transitions to becoming Jimmy Butler’s team, and now Derrick is coming back to trying to find out who Derrick is, but under Jimmy Butler. Dunleavy, Joakim, Mirotic, (injuries) it’s like the perfect storm.”

Williams sees the issues going beyond just injuries however. He believes the game could be passing the team by.

“The game is changing,” he said. “It is becoming quicker and faster.”

“I don’t think anybody is beating Cleveland anyway, maybe Toronto,” Jay Williams concluded.


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  1. What is the reason still stick with rose now? butler is worth keeping in my opinion.

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