Bulls-Knicks: Big Market (but sub.500) B-ball


By Paul M. Banks

It’s the eve of Trade Deadline eve, and Tyrus Thomas is still here. Kirk Hinrich is still here. The Knicks have yet to make a major move, but like Phil Collins you “can feel it coming, in the air tonight. hold on. hold on.”

Vinny said very little of substance about the trade rumors before the game, but I’ll be back later with more on all this stuff. I’ll sort out more in a trade rumors piece later.

By the way, Bulls lead Knicks 29-28 after 1 quarter.

I was hoping to talk to Knicks backup PG Nate Robinson tonight- if only because I was excited about interviewing a NBA player who I’m taller than, for once! Instead of always looking up to the sky to make eye contact. Maybe he’ll be available post-game.

Whenever the Knicks come to town it reminds me of all the Beastie Boys lyrics about the franchise. Like this one from “B-Boys Makin’ with The Freak Freak”

I’m Gonna See The Knicks At Madison Square Garden
And Like The Knicks I Got Game Like I Worked At Hasbro

Of course, the more memorable lyric from that song is an interlude soundbite from something totally unrelated, it goes something like this

Sh–, if it’s going to be that kind of a party
I’m gonna stick my d– in the mashed potatoes

And then boisterous laughter ensues. Later, on that same Beastie Boys album you’ll hear “heart like John Starks…and if you were a fan of any notable 90s Eastern Conference team, you’ll throw up on your socks.

Bulls start second qtr. on a run, now up 37-28 9 min left. Derrick Rose had 15 in the 1st quarter- are we all becoming witness? DePaul product Wilson Chandler had 7.

Bulls start off second half up 64-50. Sorry if the updates have been less frequent than usual- internet connection here is TERRIBLE!

Rose has 21 at half, 10-12 from the field- he seems to always put on his best displays whenever I’m here!  David Lee is just two rebounds short of a double double- before the 3rd quarter even starts- impressive.

Bulls up 87-64 on Former Bulls East. The Knicks are leading the NBA in former Chicago Bulls with Chris Duhon, Larry Hughes, and Eddy Curry. Speaking of the Thornwood High product (SICA!!!) Congrats to him for his not eating himself out of the league yet. When he was teamed with Zach Randolph, when the insane ex-MSU Spartan was at his most pleasantly plump, that was likely the most portly front-court the NBA has ever seen.

The NBA- Where chicken fried steak happens! By the way, Curry and Hughes are inactive tonight, and Curry is “inactive” even when he’s on the court. So it’s just Duhon amongst ex-Bulls getting the playing time. Plenty of other Midwest connections here- Jared Jeffries started tonight. He went to Indiana, Marcus Landry didn’t dress, he’s a former Badger. And of course Wilson Chandler from DePaul, I’ll have an exclusive with him later.

This one’s over Bulls up 95-68 after 3 quarters. Seriously, the entire fourth quarter will be garbage time. Thomas has shown off his jump-shot tonight a couple times, the one aspect of his game he needed to develop the most in order to raise his value to a NBA team. And Kirk Hinrich is having himself a nice little game too. Since they’re the two most likely to be dealt- time to sit them. No use risk getting them hurt right before the deadline.

This one’s a blowout- and since most of the 4th quarter will feature the junior varsity units, I’ll catch up to you guys later. Check out my trade rumors articles later tonight/tomorrow.

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