White Sox Marketing VP Brooks Boyer Creates Fireworks


The Chicago White Sox Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Brooks Boyer recently shared his opinions on the upcoming 2012 White Sox season, from the perspective of the fan experience.  What marketing fireworks might he be creating for the team in 2012?

As a lifelong Sox fan and ambassador to the concept of being “All In,” before the White Sox marketing machine made it their 2011 slogan, I believe the fan experience has always been a place the Sox are World Champs, regardless of where they rank in the standings.

From the fresh grilled polish and onions to the encouragement of pregame tailgating by creating a festival like atmosphere outside the ballpark with an array of live bands, promotions and fireworks shows, attending a game at U.S. Cellular Field is more of an event- just the way Brooks Boyer plans it.

After the successful opening of the premiere sports bar Bacardi at the Park last year, this year’s prize is the Chicago Sports Depot, a sports store featuring over 12,000 feet of White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks, Bears, Cubs and other Chicago pro sports teams gear as well as select Big Ten and exclusive White Sox merchandise. It could be a true gem on colder days at the park and during rain delays as it also features 77 video monitors and Video Stairs custom designed by Phillips.

In addition to the new sports store, White Sox fans will receive plenty of promotional evenings and giveaways this year. In addition to traditional stalwart promotions like 80’s Hair Rock tribute Mullet Night (June 22nd), there will be two bring your dog to the ballpark days (May 23rd and September 26th) and of course Elvis Night (August 3rd). There will also be plenty of fireworks shows, only this year many will be on Friday to accommodate Fox telecasts.

There will be great giveaways too including: Robin Ventura bobbleheads (May 26th), Carlton Fisk Replica Statues (June 2nd) and even a kids’ catchers chest wear backpack day (August 5th)

Of course all of these great gimmicks and promotions are no substitute for what Sox fans and Books Boyer hope for most: the White Sox to win.

“Our play in one month always impacts attendance in the next month,” Boyer said on conference call.

While many experts and Sox fans alike don’t predict the White Sox to be contenders in 2012, Boyer remains confident the team can compete.

“You look at our infield and you still see Paul Konerko and first base, Gordon Beckham at second base, Alexei Ramirez at shortstop, Brent Morel at third base, and A.J. Pierzynski at catcher,” Boyer added.

“That’s a pretty good team.”

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