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  1. Drew B. says


    You are SO FREAKING GOOD with your knowledge of the Brewers’ minor league prospects.

    So far, Milwaukee’s pitching staff remains near the bottom in most relevant categories… 25th in ERA, 2nd-worst in home runs allowed, 4th-worst in hits allowed. Not much has changed from last year, really. Who’s having a career year? Right… nobody. And that bullpen… yikes.

    Adding Oswalt would help, but the Brewers aren’t just one or two players short of making a run for the Central title. They’re about three or four players short. With the inevitable Prince Fielder blockbuster deal coming in six months or less, my bet would be that Melvin is setting up for a major overhaul which (in addition to Fielder) could include virtually any player(s) other than Braun. So aside from a #8 jersey, I wouldn’t spend much money on Brewers gear at this point.

    There’s a lot of dead weight on this team… Suppan, Counsell, Davis, Parra, Stetter, Vargas, Villanueva, Zaun, Edmunds, and dare I say it — Hoffman. I love the idea of picking up Oswalt, but only if some of the other roster albatrosses are cut loose first.

    Just my $.02.

  2. Melissa W. says

    And an excellent two cents they are Drew! Love it!

    You’re spot on about our 4+ players away from a team, not just one. Oswalt is not a bandaid that can fix anything. We’re bleeding from multiple wounds.

    The dead weight is funny. I’d love to do a piece on dead weight and their collective ruin that’s dragging one team down. Their combined stats would make a fan weep. So maybe I’d better not. But sure is a valid point, Drew! Come back often and comment my friend!

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