Man Breaks into White Sox GM’s Home, Wears His Clothes



Wow is this a bizarre creepy story. Chicago police contend that a scary looking man who also has a previous rap sheet broke into the home of White Sox general manager Ken Williams this past weekend and completely made himself at home:

He drank beer, ate pizza and got on Williams’ computer before leaving the home dressed in Williams’ clothes and wearing his 2005 White Sox World Series ring.

According to the Chicago Tribune:
Wayne L. Field III even defrosted a lobster and kicked back on the bed, police said.

Field, 51, broke into the home sometime over the weekend, according to police. He was arrested at 7 p.m. Monday when he returned and was spotted peeking into the home, they said.

During the burglary, Field had left behind a hospital bracelet with his name on it, police said. When officers spotted him back at Williams’ home, the name he gave matched the one on the bracelet, police said.

Ok, so in addition to looking like a serial killer, Field is also a very dumb criminal. He also has sexual abuse, indecent exposure and assault on his record. He’s served time and been on court supervision, although most of his crimes were misdemeanors and the charges ended up being dismissed.

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