Get White Sox a Paulstar! Vote Konerko! Vote Early! Vote Often!



We all know that Paul Konerko of the Chicago White Sox got ROBBED by not getting an All-Star berth yesterday. But such is life at first base, especially in the American League. It’s just where most of the talent happens to be.  But Konerko is much more than the Sox best, most consistent offensive weapon in the first half of 2011- He’s the team’s captain and clubhouse leader.

Do it the Chicago Way!!! “vote early, vote often. by going HERE”

Sox people, we have a great track record with this sort of thing, we’ve gotten people in before. And if you’re not sure who to vote for on the NL side, go Andre Ethier of the Los Angeles Dodgers. We seem to have an unofficial agreement with them for some reason. I guess because we share the Camelback Ranch spring training facility with them? I don’t know. we had an agreement with the Washington Nationals last year (the Obama connection probably), but this year we have an advantage of the big market, old franchise fans on our side.

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