Why the Lotte Giants are the Chicago Cubs of the Korean Baseball Organization


I’m no expert on the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), so I’ll defer to the experts on this one. Now the CPBL (Chinese Professional Baseball League), that’s my jam! Well, at least it has been for the past few weeks, and you can see that here, here, here and here.

Now that the KBO has joined the CPBL in commencing a regular season (but they don’t have robot fans which can play the drums), we have another baseball league to follow, and unlike the Taiwanese top flight, this one is televised here in these United States. Some KBO games will be televised, so if you want to watch them and declare a rooting interest, who should your club be?

Well, social media has already decided that for you.

Among baseball teams, this is primarily a Chicago Cubs site first, so we’ll look at who the baby bears are in the KBO. Hint, it’s not the team named the Bears. It’s actually the Lotte Giants, who have a couple of Cubs connections.

They also are a team that plays in a very scenic, extremely praised home stadium. Additionally, they have a very large fan base, one that is disproportionate to their

And on top of all that, they are led by the Korean Theo Epstein:

if interested, here’s more on the KBO-Major League Baseball equivalents, beyond the Lotte Giants being the Cubs:

So there you go, happy breakfast baseball watching.

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