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You can see Kendall Gill back on television soon. He’ll be a part of NBA TV’s NBA Summer League coverage. Games start July 7th in Orlando, July 15th in Las Vegas. Kendall will be an analyst in Orlando, as will former 90’s expansion team sharpshooting tw0-guard Dennis Scott.

Kendall Gill did an exclusive with ESPN 1000’s Waddle and Silvy in May. (He comes on around the 1:30ish mark here). This was the first time Kendall Gill talked publicly since he punched Tim Doyle in the face in mid March. (lead picture screen grab from SB Nation’s The Champagne Room)

Kendall gave no detail at all about the Tim Doyle incident. For obvious reasons.

Not many exact details are known about the event which occurred after Kendall Gill, Big Ten Network analyst Tim Doyle and Crain’s Danny Ecker appeared as panelists on CSN’s “Sports Talk Live,” a talk show which really should be renamed “Sun Times Live.”

Kendall Gill expressed regret for his actions and gratitude for those who supported him. In short, you won’t be seeing Kendall Gill doing any Chicago Bulls analyst work for Comcast SportsNet Chicago any time soon.

He did say that you can watch him on NBA TV.

Like co-host Tom Waddle said after Gill’s interview was over, it’s hard to remain employed somewhere when you’ve punched another media member. As much as Illini fans everywhere would love to see Kendall Gill return to Chicago airwaves, the former Chicago Bears wide receiver is just telling it like it is. You just can’t physically assault another media member and still keep your job. Especially so, if you commit that assault at a time when you are publicly representing your station’s brand.


There was never official word out from CSN, and there never will be. With Kendall Gill dismissed, then we’d have three University of Illinois alums removed from CSN Chicago airwaves within weeks of each other. It’s just coincidence regarding Susannah Collins, Gail Fischer and Kendall Gill; all three Illini.

I mean, it’s not like CSN is being run by the Indiana Hoosiers student cheering section or anything.

Is it?

Of course not, three times is a trend, but not indicative something more at work. It’s just coincidence that the largest state school produced these three jettisoned broadcasters in the state’s largest market.

Still, let’s not overlook this very relevant point made by the Champaign Room: (who provided the screen grab we used in the intro to this piece)

You know what is more offensive than hearing a reporter accidentally say sex when they mean success? Anything Tim Doyle has ever said. Hell, any time Tim Doyle has ever been on camera!

Vaya con dios Kendall Gill.  NBA Summer League has only be around since 2004. But this year adds a new twist- a tournament crowning a champion at the end. The tournament round follows the round-robin format. Here’s the full list of participating teams and NBA Summer League schedule.

The Chicago Bulls first game is Monday July 15th at  Thomas & Mack, 5:30 PM vs. Denver.

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