Illini Hoops to Face Texas Longhorns Nov. 18th


texas longhorn girl

It seems like Texas is trying to invade the Midwest today. They announced a football series with Notre Dame today, and now they’ll take on the Illini in hoops this fall. Pairings were announced for the 16th annual 2K Sports Classic benefiting Coaches vs. Cancer.

The Championship Rounds will be played at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Nov. 18-19 and televised by ESPN2. Illinois will face Texas (hence the obligatory picture of “Longhorn Girl” two days in a row! Hey, any excuse to use that picture) in the second semifinal, Nov. 18 at 8 p.m. CT.

In the first semifinal, Pittsburgh will take on Maryland at 6 p.m. Winners of the semifinal college basketball games will meet in the championship game, Nov. 19 at 6 p.m. The consolation game is scheduled for 4 p.m. I hope it’s not Maryland, we never beat them. EVER. “Fear the Turtle” indeed.

You may think it’s too early to be talking about college basketball. Well, #1 here at The Sports Bank, it’s NEVER too early, or late for that matter to talk college buckets. And this is Illinois. Where this season’s football and basketball projections are…well, pretty much like they are in most years. If you’re an Illini fan, you get very happy when football season ends, and basketball season starts. Not just happy. Ecstatic, jubilant, exuberant, or filled with the alacrity of the video below.

Seriously, after a 2-10 football campaign ends and a top 15 nationally ranked basketball season begins you’ll be exactly Joseph Gordon-Levitt in his dance sequence from the movie “500 Days of Summer.”

Prior to its trip to New York City, Illinois will host a pair of Regional Round games at Assembly Hall as part of the 2K Sports Classic benefiting Coaches vs. Cancer. The Fighting Illini open the season against UC Irvine on Nov. 8 and face Toledo on Nov. 10.


  1. Charley Davis says

    That’s a nice redheaded longhorn fan you found, but you can only speak for yourself in regards to the transition between football and basketball seasons. It has been frightfully unfair to Bruce Weber to burden his team with the expectation to redeem the faults of the football team.

  2. paulmbanks says

    It is unfair to place that let down and horrible soul-crushing of expectations we’ve seen in ILL football the past two years (especially 08 which was off the charts in despair) onto Weber. But most schools have only one sport.

    Expectations are high for b-ball this year…of course, expectations are where the trouble begins

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