Deron Williams does Jerry Sloan Damage Control, Likely Leaving Next Year


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How did NBA coaching legend Jerry Sloan go from re-signing to resigning in a whopping five days? Conventional wisdom says that he was forced out, and that former Illini legend Deron Williams was the ring-leader in getting Sloan run out of town.

If true, it makes Deron look like a petulant pud to say the least. This was a PR catastrophe on all levels, whether it’s accurate or not. The World Wide Leader, the evil empire, the mothership of ESPN seems to be on Williams’ side, shifting the issue to other less salient points, and the blame elsewhere.

Still, you can’t un-ring this bell, and the dominant narrative still seems very likely to me. Despite what Williams is doing today to dispell that notion.

By Paul M. Banks

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ESPN is replaying a Williams soundbite from a radio show all day today on their many networks, and that audio file sounds rather similar to this Miami Herald quote (via a local Utah radio station):

“I would never force coach Sloan out of Utah,” Williams said. “He’s meant more to this town, more to this organization than I have by far. I would have asked out of Utah first.”

Obviously, the long-term damage this situation can cause to Williams and the Jazz goes way beyond the negative effect it’ll have on their season- which now appears lost.
Getting back to the Miami Herald, I’d advise you to read the whole piece, especially with excerpts like these:
“it’s not like Williams is the only NBA superstar that has run a coach out of town. Magic Johnson started the troubling trend with Paul Westhead back in the early 1980s, and LeBron James nearly sacrificed Erick Spoelstra earlier this very season when his stint in South Beach got off to an inauspicious start.

It’s also always possible that Sloan is just finally tired of the grind but to quote the Feds in Goodfellas. “spare me the babe in the woods routine Karen…err Deron.”

Your amateurish disinformation campaign sticks out like a sore thumb. In fact, we can all make a pretty good guess as to which reporter is going to get the exclusive when Williams flees Salt Lake City after the 2011-12 season.

That’s an important point, because that’s what we’ve learned from this today- D. Will is gone from Utah once his contract expires. He wants to win, and he’s been squarely in NBA Hell since 2008. Sure ’07 was a nice breakthrough season for the Jazz, but since then the Lakers have owned them in the postseason like T. Boone Pickens owns Oklahoma State football.
The Lakers domination of the Jazz in the postseason has grown so predictable and expected, it’s actually turned me off from watching the NBA postseason. Firing Sloan won’t fix things; and obviously Deron has given up on trying to get it done in the valley of the Wasatch Mountains. He’s clearly given up on trying to win in Utah, and in the summer of 2012 will be taking his talents to……
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