Important Factors That Affect Your Workout Without You Knowing


The benefits of having a good workout schedule and becoming physically fit are endless. Having a more active lifestyle with regular workouts scheduled can lead to increased levels of confidence in yourself, give you more energy, and result in a lower chance of suffering from a health problem. However, what your workout style is like and the type of workout you decide to partake in differs from person to person, based on various factors. Read on to find out about the most important factors that can affect your workout, without you even knowing about them! 

Job Stress

The first factor that affects your workout without you knowing relates to your working situation. Even though exercise is typically recommended to ease stress, too much of it combined with a highly stressful job can have the opposite effect and cause you to burn out. The physical nature of your job can also affect your workout as more physical jobs can tire you out and may prevent you from having an intense workout. Lack of sleep because of being overworked can also influence your exercises, as you need enough rest in order to give your best in your workout. Allowing your body to go through recovery periods and have enough sleep is essential if you want to reap the benefits of a good exercise session.

Environmental Issues 

Environmental issues around you can also affect the quality of your workout. Matters like pollution, excessive heat or cold weather, and the elevation of the place you are working out in all have consequences on your exercise. You can counteract these effects by exercising indoors if there is a lot of pollution or if the weather outside won’t allow you to have an outdoor workout. Other environmental circumstances like living in a walkable neighborhood can also affect your incentive to workout and therefore your exercise routine. You should make sure to always exercise in a place that makes you feel motivated, as this will make it more likely for you to perform better during your workout.

Body Temperature

Another factor that you might find surprising that influences your workout is your body temperature. Several studies have shown that having cooler hands can help you perform a more strenuous workout. People taking part in the studies who kept a cooling device in their hands while working out had significantly welled workout performances. This is because when your body temperature is lower, you don’t store as much heat in your body during the workout, enabling you to exercise for longer.

Workout Gear

The clothes you wear and the equipment you use, or conversely don’t use, can also affect your workout more than you think. For example, you should always choose workout clothes that are breathable, durable, and absorb sweat. They should also be flexible, allowing you a big range of motion, and protect you from whatever environment you are working out in, whether it’s hot weather in the summer or frigid winter weather. Few of the workout equipment you use such as a CrossFit shin guard or leg compression sleeves can also affect your workout. For instance, if you are doing rope climbing, box jumps, or lifting weights, shin guards can help minimize the impacts of trauma while leg compression sleeves prevent your limbs from getting injured in intense workouts.


A more obvious factor that can influence your exercise is the food you eat. Following an excellent, well-balanced nutrition plan allows your muscles to be strong enough to handle pleasurable exercise. Furthermore, it’s better to consume certain nutrients before and after your workouts to get the most benefit out of them. You should also be sure that your diet includes all food types. It is important to include all food types in your diet as proteins promote muscle recovery and strengthen them, carbohydrates give you the energy needed for exercise, and vitamins and minerals help regulate blood oxygen levels, keep cell fluid balances at the right levels, and prevent muscle cramping. It’s also essential to keep your body hydrated as water makes sure your body temperature doesn’t get too high during your workout.

When you decide on your training plan, make sure to consider the above factors that may affect your training and performance, either in positive or negative ways. Over time, when you work out consistently, some factors such as your sports history and nutrition can shift, and you may be able to take on more workouts than you could before.

The opposite can also happen, and this is why you should always review your workouts and listen to your body to ensure that you aren’t straining it at the same time that you are challenging yourself to break a good sweat!

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