Softer Golf Balls Increase the Positive Feel in Your Golf Game


Feel! It is the feel that every golfer wants in our very addictive game of golf. The golf balls role is not only to end up in that tiny hole at the end of every hole but also to provide a sense of feel. The golf ball manufacture “Wilson” know what buttons to press in order to create golf balls that provide a great feel.

Yes, to provide that great feel is our desire, our goal and why we spend countless of hours perfecting our game.

Love and desire for the game is the foundation to let feelings grow and show. If we would not love the game, we would not care about 3-putts, that slice or out of bounds. And you wouldn’t read this post.

Let those feelings flow and since you are already here – keep on reading to perfect that feel and do not let those hours spent go to waste!

The feel from a golf ball is what is central. Especially if you ask the golf ball producer “Wilson” that have been producing golf balls and been leading the way in golf ball production the last 20 years.

Frank Simenutti, head of development at Wilson in Chicago, has during a long time been reducing compression in many of Wilson’s ball types.

If you ask a golfer what they are looking for in choosing a golf ball, they will pretty much always tell that its up to the feel. Then it is up to us to deliver, but how do we create this feel?

Well, what we do is that we create a golf ball that feels softer. It increases feel and gives the golfer more confidence which in turn will give a better result in the scorecard and adds to the experience of the game, Frank Simenutti explains convincingly.

It is, of course, a little abstract to talk about the feel of a golf ball. It is a subjective experience and individual perception plays a big role. Someone feels something, someone else feels something else.

But we can say that it may not be down to that close a margin. What is for certain, however, is that a lot of golfers play with golf balls that may be way of the golf ball they should play. Soft balls may be too difficult to play for some, and distance balls may not provide enough feel.

Read this guide on “The Best Golf Balls for All Handicap Levels” provided by Pine Club Golf in order to make sure that you use the correct golf ball.

If you get comfortable with a golf ball, it is usually because it matches you swing tempo and the way you hit the golf ball. Then we add another factor that we’ve master, another thing that we can put aside, for now.

Frank Simenutti continues:

I would even go as far as to say that if you use a golf ball that is wrong for you, it could really hurt your game without you even knowing it.

We would think that if you keep playing on different balls as well, it will be hard to pinpoint which suits you in the long run.

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