Jose Mourinho Goes on Strong Rant in Defense of Harry Kane


jose mourinho

Jose Mourinho has often defined his status in opposition to someone or something else, often finding “the media” in general, by that we mean the abstract concept of the news industry, to be a perfect foil to whatever his agenda his.

Mourinho has hit out at reporters and pundits here and there, had a press conference eruption or two, during the course of his career, and the latest one is in defense of his talisman Harry Kane. 

harry kane

Ahead of tomorrow’s UEFA Europa League clash at Ludogrets (go here for the starting XI prediction, team news) Mourinho met the media, and the session included a rant against most of the rest of the big six. He also took issue with those calling Kane “clever” for “winning” a penalty kick on the weekend when he backed into Brighton’s Adam Lallana right on the edge of the box.

The VAR ruling found the incident to occur on the penalty box line and was therefore warranting a spot kick.

Kane then stepped up scored the penalty kick which decided the game 2-1 in favor of Spurs. Mourinho took issue with the media saying Kane was clever here, because of the implication that he was bending the rules of the game.

He also said Chelsea, and the northwest England clubs, deserved more scrutiny in situations like these.

“You are confused because you could be speaking about some Manchester United players, you could be speaking about some Manchester City players, you could be speaking about some Liverpool players, you could be speaking about some Chelsea players,” Mourinho said.

“And you are speaking about Harry Kane? Who was in a position to control the ball in a dangerous position and Lallana comes with a very reckless action and committed a foul. Why are you speaking about being clever or not being clever?

Being clever is to hold the ball, and shoot and score. It was a foul.”

“Why are you speaking about us? Speak about Liverpool, speak about Manchester City, speak about Manchester United. Speak about these penalties where you see the clever guy… when somebody comes and blows, they fall on the floor. Don’t speak about Harry Kane.”
Vintage Mourinho, entertaning and arrogant as always.
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