Top Four Football Defenders of All Time


franz beckenbauer

Most defenders don’t get the proper recognition that they deserve, yet their position in the field is as important as that of goal scorers. Very few gamblers would dare to wager on a defender to score a goal. Defenders, too, are impressive, but wagering on them will require in-depth punditry and analysis, just like making the dragon bonus wager on baccarat. While their job is to defend the opposing team from scoring, some defenders are extra and will do everything to stop that goal in crucial times. 

For instance, the best defender that the football fanatics have ever witnessed is Paolo MaldiniMaldini is a legendary icon who taught all defenders that defending skills could be as breathtaking as attacking if you want to bring your A-game on. Maldini opened the way for defenders, and today it’s common to see big clubs spending as much as €80 million on a center-back defender. 


Other than Maldini, people also witnessed other defenders who never disappoint even if they aren’t in the offense of our teams. 

Here is an exclusive list of top four defenders of all times who have taken on the spotlight: 

  • Franz Beckenbauer 

Do you know when invented the modern “sweeper” role? Well, that credit is due on Franz Beckenbauer. Franz started his career as a midfielder but realized that he was well-endowed as a central defender. Franz was named European Player of the year twice and is among the few players who’ve managed to win the World Cup as a player and manager. In 1974, Franz brought home the World Cup trophy as a captain and did the same again in 1990 as a manager. “The Emperor”, as he was nicknamed, spent most of his career at Bayern Munich, where he was the first captain to win three consecutive European Cups. 

  • Bobby Moore 

Bobby Moore said that you don’t have to be the fastest or most skilled player in the field to be the best defender. He says that his defensive skills are based on instincts and intelligence, which can be attributed to his exact prediction and position in critical moments. He knew exactly where to be, at what time, and for how long. He also had a perfect vision about his opponents, an advantage that he exploited to the fullest. Unfortunately, Bobby Moore never played for more prominent teams in England, but his legacy continues today. However, he still managed to bag the FA Cup and the UEFA Cup while at West Ham. He also won the World Cup in 1966 playing for his England national team.?? 


  • Alessandro Nesta 

Who thought Italy would be as good as England in producing center-back defenders? Alessandro Nesta made Milan the most powerful team when it came to defending during his times. Winning for Milan was a walk in the park as it destroyed rival’s day in day out. Alessandro Nesta was awarded the Serie A Defender of the Year, as he gave rivals’ strikers nightmares. 

  • Franco Baresi 

Lastly, if you are a veteran football fanatic, then you already know much about Franco Baresi. Franco Baresi was among the youngest players of his time to enter the professional football arena as early as when he as 17 years old. He exploited his passion for football at AC Milan football academy and proceeded to play for the senior team, which he captained for straight 15 years! He won the Serie A Player of the Year in 1989 and was nominated for Ballon D’Or in the same year. His career span for 20 years. 


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