Jose Mourinho: Manchester United Fans Have Right to Boo Me, Players


Over the weekend, Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho got very upset about his side’s supporters booing striker Romelu Lukaku during Saturday’s 1-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur. Today however, he walked those comments back a bit, saying the fans have a right to boo both him and his players.

The win over Spurs wasn’t exactly Lukaku’s finest hour, but he did assist Anthony Martial on the game’s only goal.

He’s also had a very hot start to his career at United overall with 11 goals across the first 15 competitions. Of course, he’s scoreless in his last five matches, and we obviously all live in a world of “what have you done for me lately?”

romelu lukaku

What certain sections of the Old Trafford crowd were booing, specifically, was Mourinho’s decision to switch attacking players, in the 70′, subbing Marcus Rashford for Anthony Martial. Mourinho read something else into it, seeing it as mistreatment of Lukaku.

However, ahead of Tuesday’s home UEFA Champions League clash against Benfica, Mourinho said the fans have paid their hard earned money for their tickets, and can thus feel free to boo whoever they want.

“They pay the ticket, they can do what they want,” Mourinho said.

“They can boo a player that doesn’t deserve to be booed, they can boo a player who is working like an animal, even though the game is not going in his direction.”

“They can boo. They pay their tickets, they can boo the manager.”

jose mourinho

Hey, “boo” is a word that’s trending now as tomorrow night’s match takes place on October 31st- All Hallows Eve.

Happy Halloween everybody!

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