United Legend Gary Neville Has Message for Harry Kane amid Transfer Saga


gary neville

Former England international Gary Neville, via Sky Sports, said that something wrong must have happened between Harry Kane and Tottenham Hotspur football club.

The striker who has long been linked with a move to Manchester City, has failed to show up for training the past few days. Spurs are yet to accept a bid for Kane from the Premier League champions, who are also currently closing Jack Grealish.

With the north Londoners not keen on selling their talisman, Neville analysed the situation.

gary neville

The pundit had a message for the England captain:

“You’ve got to turn up and you’ve got to do your job. However, I’ve worked with Harry, and I can’t think of a more professional footballer that I’ve ever seen.”

He went on to talk about what will happen now between Kane and Daniel Levy, adding:

“It still doesn’t excuse it for me. He should still have come into training, and you respect your team-mates. You still have to go and stand with them and sit in the dressing-room, but it’s clear now that there’s a collision course.”

While it is understandable that the forward wants a move away from London, his latest actions are sure to leave a sour taste for everyone involved with the club. It might take even longer for the deal to be completed now.

As Gary Neville mentioned, Kane has always been known as a model professional, which makes this behaviour now seem very out of line for him. It would be in the best interest of everyone involved if the 28-year-old returned to training and let the transfer all play out behind the scenes.

The start of the Premier League is not too far away and both clubs would prefer a move to be agreed soon. For Spurs, their talisman leaving would generate a record fee and give them a chance to add some badly needed talented players to their squad.

Manchester City would obviously be delighted, as they would have secured the services of one of the best players in the country. As for Kane, it is clear that he wants to move away from Tottenham and the sooner this saga comes to an end, the better.


  1. Harry Kane needs to stop sulking if he didn’t want to stay at Spurs he shouldn’t have signed a 6 year deal and accepted the increase in pay and as he is a member of that team he can’t keep blaming his team mates because he hasn’t won A trophy yet it’s his job to score the goals he never turned up in the Champions League final and quite frankly he should not have played that day he has had other chances to win a trophy at Spurs but he hasn’t taken those ones either He thinks he’s bigger than the Club but he forgets it’s the club that made him and without his teammates around him supplying him the goal opportunities he wouldn’t be winning the golden boot as often as he has.

  2. When all’s said and done, what will Kane be remembered for in 50 years. A few championship baubles or legendary status at Spurs and possibly a statue which his grandchildren can visit in awe. Harry your on the verge of giving up what most footballers can never achieve.

  3. What is evidently clear to everyone is that Harry Kane has no respect for the club that made him, namely THFC. He’s behaving like a spoilt petulant infant instead of the ultimate professional he’s made out to be. I remember year’s ago, a certain low level newspaper stating that Luka Modric had a gentleman’s agreement with Daniel Levy when he was trying his hardest to try and push through a move to Chelsea. There was no evidence that a gentleman’s agreement had ever been struck or existed. We all know how that all turned out anyway. The club has stuck by Kane through good and bad times for the player and this is how he’s repaying them? Pundits say that Kane has given everything to the club and now he needs trophy’s to show for his efforts. They forget to mention that he went to three finals with Spurs and he didn’t turn up in any of them. You can also add England to that tally as well.
    Harry Kane is acting as if he is THFC and that he and he alone has carried the team on his back, totally ignoring the fact a team consists of eleven players. It’s those players who put him in the position to score the goals he amassed over the last three seasons.
    If Kane is being advised by his agent brother Charlie or from someone within Manchester City that this no show is a sure fire way for Spurs to get shot of him ASAP, it is very poor advice indeed. Kane is not regarded as an average striker by the people in this country, he’s been put on a pedestal by the media and pundits alike therefore, he wont be undersold by THFC. They will demand top dollar for their talisman striker as any other club would. Kane has let himself down massively by these antics and I cannot envisage him ever being forgiven by the Spurs faithful for doing so. Besides, one Jimmy Greaves is and will always be Spurs number one striker legend, something Kane could have emulated.

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