Edwin van der Sar Leading Candidate for United Football Director Gig


Manchester United have been consistent losers in the transfer market in recent years, and this past window ended up being more about jettisoning dead wood than building up.

Up until this past window there hasn’t been much of a coherent strategy in place other than throwing money at the biggest names available. However, this summer has seen a discernible plan of attack- a focus on young, hungry, ambitious English talent. Perhaps with the hire of a director of football, a position Old Trafford has been pursuing for many months now, the direction and plan will be augmented.

According to the Daily Mirror, United have a new front-runner, and it’s their former goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar. The 48-year-old Dutchman currently serves as chief executive of Ajax, who had a surprising and stellar run to the semifinals of the Champions League this past season.

Van Der Sar could make a good fit as he’s somebody with both

a.) business experience with a club at a very high level and

b.) good first hand knowledge of the club’s culture. Whomever takes the position will have to work as a go between CEO Ed Woodward and manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.


Of course, the question remains, will Woodward, a brilliant business mind but bad at football guy cede enough of his own power to make this work? Is Van der Saar, who made 186 appearances for United from 2005-2011, the guy who fits the bill?

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  1. All this hype of appointing a DOF, is totally a bullshit prank from MU. This is to turn our attention from how terribly MU is playing their stuff in the field.
    The fans need to wake up and stand on your feet to get rid of Ed Woodward . Till ED is still at MU , we are not going to see any DOF or MU playing the stuff like they did during Alex era.
    MU fans start your revolution now and boycott all MU games at OT. If you guys are waiting for good things will take place, I’m sure MU will be soon playing in 1st Div football next season. Get put ED, out of OT, he is killing MU. It is now in your hands MU fans, don’t let it slip than it is too late to regret. Go and start your revolution now. Best of luck. Cheers


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