Arsene Wenger Says He’s Made a Decision on His Future



Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger is feeling his seat reach record levels of heat right now. It’s beyond scorching at this point; we’re talking radioactive right now. Saturday brought an unexpected loss to West Bromwich Albion, a team over which the Gunners were heavily favored. It also brought airplanes flying over the stadium carrying banners calling for his resignation.

To be fair, there were also banners calling for his retention, but the biggest news of the day was Wenger saying that he’s made up his mind about his future and that he will inform us on his own terms.

“I know what I will do in my future and will let you know soon,” Wenger told his postgame news conference.

“I don’t think today I will necessarily worry about [telling you]. We are in a unique bad patch that we haven’t had in 20 years. We’ve lost game after game and that is much more important than my future.”

He was then asked if he had let anyone, including the club itself, in on his decision. “No,” he replied.

Indeed Arsenal is in a bad place right now, they are now in fifth place, five points adrift of a Champions League spot.


There was also a fan demonstration against him at the FA Cup. We also saw protests during the UEFA Champions League competition. The supporter backlash seems to be getting stronger every day and Wenger himself admits that fan unrest will be factor in his ultimate decision whether or not he steps down at the end of the season.

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  1. Wenger is absolutely right. The referee and his assistants were responsible for two terrible decisions which directly influenced the probable outcome of the game. The not given penalty for the foul on Walcott with the score at 0-1 and the ludicrous penalty/sending off debacle which should never have got that far had the linesman flagged Lewandowski for being offside which he clearly was. Again whilst the score was 0-1.
    Follow that uo with the Barcelona game the following night where the result was again engineered by incompetent or corrupt officials and you can see where wenger is coming from.

  2. Arsene Wenger is a successful coach

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