Michigan St. QB’s Strong Words for Bowl System, League, Michigan



Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins is a very accomplished player. He re-wrote much of the Spartans record book for passing, and winning. So he has a lot of room to talk.

Tonight’s inaugural Big Ten Championship game in Indianapolis was an instant classic. It featured a lot of scoring and lead changes, and came down to the wire. Unfortunately for MSU it was decided on two questionable calls that went against them, and they lost their lead in the final minutes.

We know college football is a very emotional game, and this was an extraordinarily emotional loss for State. And Cousins had some interesting things to say in postgame.

kirk cousins

Cousins was cool about the referees; his first bone to pick was with the league/system. Here’s what he said after the game:

Reporter: “Is there a part of you that wishes this game didn’t have to have been played?”

Cousins: “I know people like to make money, and it’s about money and this game brought in whatever number of millions of dollars for the Big Ten conference, upwards of 20 million, someone’s getting that money, not me, but someone’s getting that money.”

Obviously, he has some very valid points and reasons to be upset. In a similar vein, Cousins’ bitter rival, the Michigan Wolverines, could now get an at large BCS bid, instead of the Spartans- even though MSU both won the division ahead of Michigan and beat them head to head. And it’s not unprecedented either.

In 1999, both Michigan and Michigan State finished 9-2, with State winning the head-to-head meeting. Yet UM went to the BCS (Orange Bowl) and the Spartans were relegated to the Citrus Bowl. History will likely repeat itself today.

Reporter: There’s talk that Michigan now gets into the BCS, you want to make a case for state? Do you need to make a case for State?

Cousins: “Michigan sat home tonight on the couch and watched us, we played our hearts out, you saw it. I don’t see how you get punished for playing, and someone else gets to sit on the couch and get what they want. If this is the way the system is, I guess it’s a broken system.”

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  1. SuckItSparty says

    Cryin Ass B!tch. I think the conference sold out for a championship game too, but if your team wins, there isn’t a problem. Final story, Michigan State lost, and also has an extra conference loss now. That record holds you out of a BCS game. Sorry. Maybe the system is broken, but you sound like a crybaby. Yes, you beat Michigan, but you also lost to two teams that they beat. Until there is a playoff system, someone will always be crying that it isn’t fair. Is it fair for an Alabama/LSU rematch? What if Alabama wins? How is that fair? They should technically have to beat them twice. Moral of the story, Cousins is a little girl.

  2. paulmbanks says

    strongly disagree. even Michigan fans have admitted to me, they didn’t believe that the Wolverines truly belonged in the Sugar Bowl.

    But maybe MSU isn’t the school to make that case- how about Boise? Arkansas? South Carolina?

    btw, since you take issue with the LSU/Ala rematch- you’re inherently agreeing with Cousins that the system is in fact broken.

  3. Irony of ironies…a Michigan fan calling someone else a “crybaby”. (Sorry if the Spartans were a little too rough with you this year :-)

    Cousins is right but Paul makes a good point. The OTHER teams that were unfairly passed over would better represent the position.

    This CHAMPIONSHIP game established two teams in the Bug 10…the winner and the runner-up (#2). Everyone else is lower than that. AnnArbor shows #3 at best…worse if you consider they avoided playing the top teams, Wisconsin (twice) and PSU. i.e. You would be hard pressed to find another team in the conference that believes Michigan represents the best of the Big 10. So save your adolescent name calling.

    This action diminishes the Sugar Bowl.

  4. Tom Carpenter says

    All MSPUUUUU had to do was win and show the first game against Wisconsin wasn’t just lucky…Couldn’t do it cuz you only get that lucky once…Quit your cryin Spartysis…Nobody forced you to play BUT when you wanted the chance you signed into the system of collegiate sports and all its flaws CANNOT have it both ways……..Crybaby you act like this has never been explained to you…………..

  5. paulmbanks says

    BSU’s Petersen on Nos. 6-7-8-9 being left out of BCS: “Why are we even voting if they’re all left out of games like that?”

    and no matter what you think of MSU, Mich, the system etc. You gotta love the fact that Cousins had the courage to speak his mind. I go to these media sessions all the time, and 90% no one every says anything opinionated- so you have to give kudos to KC for putting it out there.

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