Michigan St. Football Tattoos Getting WAY Out of Control



The Spartans ink is getting really out of control. The Michigan State football program contains players trying to one-up one another in etching their green and white devotion into their skin. Here are the three biggest examples.

Michigan State redshirt freshman running back Nick Hill has officially set the standard by which all college football players’ tattoos will now be judged. Hill’s design is simple. It’s a Spartan straight out of the movie “300” and runs the length of Hill’s right oblique. The menacing Spartan has a helmet, cape, spear, shield and loin armor (Dr. Saturday)

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Linebacker Max Bullough has been a been a Spartan his entire life, with his father, grandfather and two of his uncles having played for MSU. In case you doubt his pride, just wait until he flexes and you see “Spartan Pride” tattooed on his biceps. (M Live)


Michigan State DT Jerel Worthy’s NFL Draft stock is about as high as anyone on the Spartans, or even anyone in the Big Ten. He also has a tattoo that entails everything that makes college football such an awesome game. Go here to see it. Take a closer look and notice the tattoo’s homage to the rivalry with Michigan. What an affront it is to the Wolverines, love it!

To learn more about Worthy go here

jerel worthy tattoo

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