Michigan Looks to Bounce Back After Bama


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After a receiving a thorough beat down from Alabama last week, Michigan is looking to get back to their winning ways this Saturday against Air Force. A home opener against a weak opponent is the perfect hangover remedy for a team coming off a tough loss. With Fitzgerald Toussaint off of suspension and Denard Robinson’s poor play against Alabama, don’t expect the Wolverines to take is easy on the Falcons this weekend.

Although last week’s loss was a tough one to swallow for Brady Hoke’s crew, it came at the perfect time. A loss in week one is a lot better than a loss in week two or later. Beyond that, Alabama is the best team Michigan, or any team for that matter, will face all season. With Air Force coming up and Massachusetts the week after, the Wolverines have two weeks to figure out their running game with Toussaint in the picture before facing Notre Dame and their conference schedule.

To also add some fuel to the fire, tweets from Michigan State players about Robinson’s poor play against Alabama has caused some controversy. Like tweets from Freshman Spartan linebacker Jamal Lyles saying…”I can play quarterback for the school in blue.” Redshirt freshman safety Kyle Artinian added, “DENARD IS SOOOO BAD!”

Although Robinson and the rest of the Wolverines seemed to have let those comments roll of their backs, don’t think for a second they’ll forget them so easily. Look for Michigan to be playing with something to prove for the weeks leading up to Michigan State and beyond.

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