High School Football Coach’s INSANE Profanity Laced Tired (SFW Audio)


“Clear eyes, full hearts?” More like angry eyes and mean hearts. This isn’t fictional Coach Erik Taylor of the Dillon Panthers here, it’s as yet unidentified high school football coach who completely went off the deep end.

The profanity-laced tired is safe for work because all the swear words are bleeped out. (See footnote one)

It’s a must-listen because this coach with a cracker accent is yelling at high school kids like they’re grown-up well paid adults. That’s frightening and sickening.

From 670 The Score Chicago:

Listen at link above.

Most important takeaway quotes:

“I’m sorry to yell but apparently you don’t understand when I talk like a human being.”

Um clearly, you aren’t sorry that you’re yelling.

“Don’t bring your frend from another shcool here, I’ll have his ass arrested for trespassing. Trust me it’s illegal.”

Maybe under martial law. It’s illegal for a high school student to show up on another campus? In what despotic regime is this the rule of law?

“God help me I will play the freshman team tonight”

That would be funny, no matter what school this is.

1. That’s our policy here at TSB. Nothing is NSFW. We may post sexy pictures a lot, but everything here is rated PG-13

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