Did Ohio State’s Jim Tressel Have Advance Knowledge of Infractions?


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Shortly before college football’s Sugar Bowl, Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel’s program was rocked with scandal. His star quarterback Terrelle Pryor, wide receiver Devier Posey and running back Boom Herron, among others were reprimanded for selling their awards, memorabilia and receiving improper benefits. As you know, they’ll be suspended for about the first half of 2011.

Yahoo! Sports released an investigative report Monday claiming the Buckeyes head football coach knew his players were selling memorabilia for cash eight months before they were suspended by the NCAA for five games in the 2011 season.

With the college basketball team about to start March Madness as the nation’s #1 overall seed, maybe the timing here is perfect?

If ever a time for a story like this to be buried by other news, it’s now.

Tressel seems like a genuine good guy, is always professional and courteous in person and he possess a solid reputation for getting rid of any trouble makers in his program. There’s a saying that whatever is in society will be present in your program, and the Buckeyes have had some miscreants lately.

A very comprehensive study conducted by CBS News and Sports Illustrated, ranked the preseason college football top 25 according to number of players possessing a police report. The study took six months and found that 7% have players have criminal records. And this study doesn’t include minor infractions like open alcohol container violations, and driving on a suspended license. The study focused on drug crimes, violent crimes and more serious offenses.

Ohio State ranked #11.

And ultimately, the buck stops with Tressel for anything in his program. Even though he obviously can’t be held responsible for everything that goes on in his program.

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