Super Sunday! Northwestern DESTROYS Indiana


By Paul M. Banks

Before you head on to your Super Bowl parties, take in some college hoops. Indiana is just plain awful though, you have to realize that. But hey, at least the people who live in “the crossroads of America”  have the Indianapolis Colts in their life. Seriously, who nicknames their state “the crossroads of America.” You’re basically saying “yeah, we know it sucks here but hey, you have to drive through here in order to get anywhere else!”

10-2 Northwestern 4:30 into the game. Hey, at least Indiana isn’t shut out. Perhaps my favorite announcer quote ever. In 2007, when Michigan St. held Marquette scoreless for the first 12 minutes of their 1st round NCAA tournament game, Verne Lundquist stated “there has never been a shut out in the history of the NCAA tournament.”

Wow these guys are terrible It’s 21-9 Northwestern with 11:28 left in half, and this game is much more lopsided than the score would indicate.

24-11 NU, 9 min left in half Indiana isn’t just missing their 3s, they’re missing them badly. barely drawing iron, or hitting nothing at all. They should have points subtracted from their total score given how bad these misses are. for the record their 1-8 from distance so far, good (or bad) for .125 %

36-23 NU (NOT NWU or NW you bandwagon jumpers!!) with under 2 min left in half

Alex Marcotullio finally breaks out of his shooting slump and shows us something

40-29 Northwestern at half. The Indiana fans, which comprise about 60% of the crowd, came alive during the Hoosiers’ “run”. But Mike Capocci shut them up with a thunderous dunk. I always like Capocci, and thought that he was under-utilized. He was “ups” and proves the stereotype wrong! white man can indeed jump.

60-49 Cats 6 min left in game

Indiana has crawled back into this a little bit. Sort of. Made it a game, but you’re not watching. Instead you’re focused on the 6.5 hours of Super Bowl pregame show.

Jeremy Nash with an “and 1” Cats now up 16 again with 4:30 left. ok time to get ready for your Super Bowl parties. I will be back with postgame quotes though.

NU wins running away. Now with the softer part of the schedule in place, they’re really starting to hit their groove.

“Coach Carmody is a bit of a perfectionist. And that’s a good thing. He’s always telling us what we need to do in order to get better” Center Luka Mirkovic said. Very true, and it is exactly the attitude the Cats need to have if they want to make the first tournament in school history. They do seem to be getting better as the season goes along. Luka had a big day with 14 points

“We feel like we can play with anybody in the nation right now,” senior guard Jeremy Nash said. They are starting to look that way now, even if it was against inferior competition.

Devan Dumes was shut out! 0-7 from the field. Verdell Jones III got to the line a lot, and led all scorers with 28. Christian Watford has 16, and no one else showed up for the Hoosiers.

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