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By Paul M. Banks

How will the Sconnies respond to Life without Leuer? Will Alex Marcotullio finally hit a three and end his slump? Will I hear and share an even better soundbite than Mike Brey’s “We knew about Marcello. We knew what he could do to us” (in response to Marcotullio’s perimeter display against the Irish earlier this season) Because after all if the Irish head man knew so much much about “Marcello” he should probably at least have known his name.

Anyways, tune in here to find out the answers to these questions and more.

Has Northwestern won a tip all season? probably not. Wisconsin is ranked #13 but will no doubt take a dive in the rankings due to their loss of second leading scorer Jon Leuer. That’s a big boost to Northwestern tonight because they are to defending big men what Tiger Woods is to sexual self-control.

Enjoy the picture of the “Tiger Shark” NU up 7-4 15:52 left, 1st half

It’s 18-16 Wildcats with 7:33 to go in the half. Looks like we’re headed for another low scoring game between Wisconsin and (insert conference rival’s name here).

Luka Mirkovic drains a wide open three, then “showboats” to the crowd doing a sort of Richard Nixon boarding Air Force One for the final time thing with his hands and fingers. Then as if the laws of irony were punishing him, he gets another wide open 3 and airballs it.


19-18 Wisconsin 5 min left in half.

Luka seems to change his pivot just about every time he gets the ball in the lane. Which is better than Kyle Rowley, who seems to embarass himself every time he gets the ball in the lane. Seriously, Rowley is stealing 50,000 a year from the University with that scholarship.

Drew Crawford finally connects for 3. I love his game. He’s going to be a very special player in this league. He’s good, this just in.

Luke hits a short jumper, than some more flashiness. he gives the crowd the “let’s make some noise” motion.

half time 27 all.

37-36 Northwestern 12 and change left in the game

Can’t get over how even the numbers were in the 1st half. TOs, rebounding dead even. shooting % were kind of close too. Yes, this is one evenly matched game. Even though it’s the #13 team in the nation versus an unranked squad. I’m predicting this will go down to the final possession and final tenths of seconds.

Keaton Nankivil had 4 pts and 3 fouls right now. I just like saying Keaton Nankivil, it’s a funny name. I enjoy it.  Cats have done a fantastic job on Trevon Hughes tonight. He only has 2 pts with 8:30 left. But JaBo- different story, Jason Bohannon has 15 points.

Cats up 39-37.

And Trevon hits another 3…he’s come alive here in the final minutes. Hughes might finish with a double double. He’s hit three big treys, and a lot of them on second chance points. He’s stepped up while JaBo has cooled off.

55-48 Wisco with 1:38 to go.

Basically NU just couldn’t hit enough free throws and gave the Badgers way too many second chances on the other end. A four point lead dissipated into  a 6 pt deficit.

As with any conference game here, the crowd is almost as much the other team’s color as it is purple. So this feels like a neutral court game as the Badgers have sealed it now. They’re up 58-50 with 44 seconds left to go. And 8 points in a game like this is like 20 in a regular game. The crowd is filing out.

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  1. Trevon went silly from three in the final few minutes… league

  2. paulmbanks says

    League indeed. He didn’t seem to be the most articulate sort, or the smartest guy in the room, but he is ready for the association

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