Kalin Lucas & Raymar Morgan Exclusives


Paul M. Banks sits down with the Big Ten Player of the year and his most valuable Michigan State teammate

First off Kalin Lucas

What’s been the key to limiting turnovers this season?

KL: “I think My AAU coach played point guard too, so he was really tough on me about turning the ball over when I was younger growing up.”

What about the MSU point guard tradition? Do you find inspiration in the work of Steve Smith, Magic, Mateen etc.?

KL: “Those are all great players that came before me, and they’re all winners, one thing I want to do is win a national championship just like Mateen did”

And what about the flipside of the glory of continuing the MSU tradition of great guards, there’s responsibility in running the pt. at Michigan St…

KL: “Yeah I do talk to Mateen a lot, and Mateen tells me this is my team and I have to be the general I have to run the team, I have to give guys shots, but I also have to get my shots”

Guys in the league you look up to/model your game on?

KL: “Chris Paul is my favorite player. I watch a lot of film and tape on him”

“The floor general,” do you like that term when it is applied to your game?

KL: “Every point guard does need to be the floor general, he has to run the offense. He has to tell people where to go. He has to stay calm and he has to keep his composure.”

Any specific goals you strive to maintain when it comes to your assist-to-turnover ratio?

KL: “I try to keep it under one turnover a game, but mostly I just try to play solid at all times..it does get to me if I am turning the ball over, then I know I just need to clam down and make the easy pass.”

How did Northwestern’s unique style catch you guys off guard?

KL: “They’re a good team one thing they do is sprint their cuts real hard and keep playing real hard to the end.”

Raymar Morgan

Raymar Morgan likely has the most NBA potential of anyone on State- quite a complement when you consider that Sparty will likely be a #2 seed at worst in this tournament. Raymar was having another solid season until injuries and walking pneumonia forced him to miss out on major minutes in many games.

You were leading the Big Ten in field goal percentage. Let’s talk about the art of shot selection, what’s your focus in finding/taking open looks?

RM: “I just try to take open shots, my teammates do a great job of finding me and catching me in situations where I can create-and-score, so it’s not just me it’s my teammates finding me”

Izzo’s teams are traditionally very strong in rebounding, this year is no different as the Spartans are nationally the best, what specifics does he stress in practice to make this happen?

RM: “Just go in there and be aggressive, that’s my main thing coach knows I can rebound, I know I can rebound. It’s me having the attacking mindset

Which skills or yours need improvement?

RM: “Shooting definitely, just being more consistent, extending my range, ball-handling, it’s coming I been working.”

Conversely, biggest strengths?

RM: “Defense, attacking the basket. Mid range jumper”

Anybody you model your game on?

RM: “Sort of like a Joe Johnson/Corey Magette, I think I play a little bit like them”

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  1. paulmbanks says

    Kalin is one of the quickest players on screen to watch..like TJ Ford or Dee Brown

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