Eden Hazard Models New 2018-19 Chelsea FC Third Kit (Photos)

eden hazard

Today saw Chelsea FC unveil their third kit for 2018-19, modeled by forward Eden Hazard on the club (and his own personal) Twitter page. It features a different shade of blue and horizontal stripes. The kit also features something called Nike Connect, which is only available in certain markets.

At the same level as the Nike trademark swoosh you’ll see the club crest, looking really fresh, in a different color scheme than we are used to. Take a look at the photos below.

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Why Athletes Prefer Vaping Than Smoking


By Eamon Bennett

Most seasoned athletes have smoked in the past. Chain smoking could lead to lung disease, cancer, stroke, and cardiovascular disorders. As such, many athletes have recently switched to vaping for enjoyment rather than smoking cigars, cigarettes, or pipes.

Vaping has become a great alternative to smoking. It has helped many quit smoking and choosing e-cigarettes, which are less harmful.

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Meghan Markle Prince Harry Wedding Shouldn’t Be Publicly Funded


Absolutely no one, outside family and friends of the couple, SHOULD CARE about Saturday’s royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but unfortunately that train has long left the station. The Royal Wedding as a “news story” is the biggest nothing burger of all nothing burgers, but what can you do? This endeavor, for some reason, is considered worth paying attention to by millions of people all around the world, who have never met Harry or Meghan.
Meghan Markle, today, is now one of the world’s most famous people. The Northwestern grad who played annoying characters and really bad television shows has truly come a very long way. In 2013, when College Gameday came to NU and Markle was referenced in signs, as Rachel Markle, we were all like “who?”

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Wimbledon: Etiquette Rules for Spectators at the Grand Event

By Patrick Pierce

Originally founded in 1877, Wimbledon is the world’s most recognized and oldest tennis tournament, with a total viewership of approximately 1 billion people in 200 territories.

Considering the popularity of Wimbledon, it’s not surprising what is actually required to recreate the iconic tournament each year – extensive preparation and planning is crucial. For example, it is estimated 54,000 balls are used at Wimbledon each year, while over 40 miles of string is fitted to 2,000 rackets over a fortnight.

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Liverpool FC Reveal New 2018-19 Home Kit (Photos)

It’s that time of year again- when clubs reveal their new home kits for the next season (available for purchase of course). Late April to early May is also a great time for supporters to go online and get the current kit at a greatly reduced rate.

However, today is all about “out with the old, in with the new” at Liverpool FC, and just a few hours ago, their shirt manufacturer partner New Balance unveiled these sharp beauties.  The new kit comes with a smaller collar, and a nice clean, basic red and white combination throughout.

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Gear Up & Game On!


By James Connolly

There are so many factors that go into professional sport, the main aspect being the immense training each person puts themselves through. But you can also contribute some small part of their performance to the gear they wear and use every day.

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Previously Leaked Manchester United Retro Kit Goes on Sale


A new Manchester United retro kit, which leaked this past January, is now showing up for sale online. The Adidas China website was the first to make the shirt available, for a price under £60. It is not available in the United Kingdom yet, or in Europe except for one Scandinavian store, but it is expected that the jersey will become available for purchase in the next few days.

When the kit finally does get put on the additional markets, it might be more expensive too.

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Super Bowl LII: Patriots vs Eagles Odds, Prop Bets Guide

super bowl lii

The Super Bowl LII match-up is set and once again it includes the New England Patriots, who have become the National Football League’s Hulk Hogan of sorts. If you watched/followed WWE in the late 1980s-early 1990s, it was called WWF back then, then you remember Hulk Hogan being the guy that seemingly always won, despite how much it seemed that he was going to lose the whole time.

The Patriots certainly have that sort of feel these days, especially so in yesterday’s AFC Championship win over the Jacksonville Jaguars and last year’s Super Bowl triumph over the Atlanta Falcons.

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Man United Winger Jesse Lingard Dating Instagram Model Jena Frumes

jena frumes man united

Jena Frumes is an “Instagram model” which is certainly a new, modern day term in 2017. She is also the girlfriend of Manchester United winger Jesse Lingard, as she recently went public about their relationship on her Instagram account.

Frumes posted a series of pictures that convey her devotion to Lingard and the team.

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United Fan Julia Roberts Greets Players on Pitch After Loss at Chelsea

Julia Roberts, the legendary Hollywood actress and producer, was in west London to see her favorite club, Manchester United lose 1-0 at Chelsea today. After the game, Roberts took to the pitch and greeted some of the players, no doubt lifting their spirits somewhat after what was such a disappointing result in a big time crunch clash.

The Daily Mail, perfectly encapsulated the appearance of Julia Roberts:

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Is this the New Liverpool FC Away Kit for 2018-19?


Today is certainly a day for Liverpool shirt news. First and foremost is the leak of what might be the Liverpool FC away kit for 2018-19, via Footy Headlines, a site that specializes in this sort of thing. Sometimes these leaks are ultimately proven to be fake news, but quite often they are right and only time will tell.

If this is the new Liverpool FC away kit, then it will go over well, at least with the very tiny and somewhat limited focus group that is Twitter.

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Chelsea FC Owner Roman Abramovich Set for Very Costly Divorce

dasha zhukova

Chelsea Football Club Owner and Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich is set for his third, and likely costliest, divorce yet. On Monday Abramovich and his wife Dasha Zhukova released a joint statement indicating their end of their marriage. They deemed it a very amicable split, and indicated intentions of continuing to work together.

Roman Abramovich is an extremely secretive man, who does not like to do interviews, and he kept his marriage to Zhukova a secret for six years.

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