Platform Football Betting at W88


W88 is known as the leading bookmaker in Asia, owning a large number of members. Since its establishment in 2013, W88 has operated under the management of MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD, the organization that issues betting licenses to the bookmaker, First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation (CEZA).

W88 football bookmaker always ensures transparent operation, ensuring safety and fairness for players.

W88 is a bookmaker with potential for development. Following the set strategy, the bookmaker is gradually expanding its scope of activities in the world. Referring to W88, players will immediately remember the bookmaker with a solid sports betting background, many diverse and attractive betting halls. Especially, players coming to W88 cannot ignore football – the king sport, chosen by many players when coming to W88.

Where is the most prestigious place to participate in sports betting?

Online sports, especially football, is a betting platform that is present in most of the bookmakers today. Choosing a safe and reputable bookmaker is really important, because it affects the betting process of players. W88 is the best choice for football betting.

W88 football bookmaker, owns 5 sports betting platforms on games such as basketball, badminton, tennis, boxing, horse racing, golf, … Each sport will have Many different matches take place every day, each match will have a variety of bets and odds. The bookmaker does not limit the amount of bets and the number of bets.

After the bet is completed, the bet slip displays the player’s bet details. Every platform such as E-sports, A-sports supports watching live football, making it easy for players to follow the match they are betting on.

Advantages of Sports Betting Platform at W88

W88’s sports betting platform is rated 5 stars by experts. The system possesses many outstanding advantages, making players happy and is the first priority of those who love betting. Details of the advantages of the W88 bookmaker, will be updated below:

  • Odds Rate

The W88 bookmaker offers a lot of odds for players. There are two most popular types of odd rate at W88 which are European and Asian Handicap.

  • Asian Handicap is highly appreciated by players for the odds, variety of handicaps, and especially, the payout rate is higher than other bookmakers.
  • European handicap with 3 options to win, lose or draw, combining high and attractive odds. This is also a popular type of bet at W88.

Players can also bet on other types of handicap such as over-under, odd-even, corner, … The variety of rafters and methods is one of the strengths of the W88 bookmaker.

  • Security and Reputation

The W88 bookmaker not only impresses with the variety and richness in the types of handicap, but also makes players satisfied with the security. When registering an account, players must provide complete and accurate information. Each player is only allowed to use one account. This is what helps W88 manage and secure effectively.

The system uses modern technology, firewalls to improve security. All customer information is managed and transmitted via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), extremely secure. Players do not have to worry about data falling into the hands of strangers.

  • Display

One of the special features that makes players fall in love with W88 is the extremely beautiful, intelligently designed interface. The layout at the homepage is clearly arranged, scientific, and easy for players to use. Even if you are a new member, you will not feel confused.

  • Variety of Betting Products

The betting platform at W88 is divided into many different platforms. This makes it easy for players to find products that are right for them:

  • A-Sports: For sports that often bet with Asian handicap, new handicap are updated every day.
  • E-Sports (Asia) / E-Sports (Europe): Sum up thousands of online matches with different handicaps. Depending on the player’s preferences, the player can choose an Asian or European interface.
  • X-Sports: offers more than 90 live sports betting matches.
  • V-Sports 1/ V-Sports 2: includes virtual sports betting games.
  • FANTASY Sports: football management game, build your dream team at W88. This is the most novel betting platform at W88.

Instruction betting football at Sport platform W88

Many members at W88 love to bet on sports, especially football. However, they are new members and do not know how to bet on a particular match. The W88 bookmaker will fully guide the football betting process for players.

  • Step 1: Players log in to the bookmaker’s betting account, choose the appropriate football betting odds according to their betting preferences.

Players should choose reputable links to avoid cheating. After logging in, the system displays the list, the player chooses Sports.

There are 7 sports categories for players to choose from.

  •  A-sports
  • E-sports (Asia)
  • E-sports (Europe)
  • X-sports
  • V-sport 1
  • V-sport 2
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Step 2: Select the match you want to bet on

W88 bookmaker offers a full range of big and small matches, appearing all over the world such as: English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Portugal,… Players choose their favorite match and place bets. 

For specific tournaments, the player selects the odds table for the matches of that tournament by clicking on “select league” in the upper right corner.

  • Step 3: Place bets and confirm deposit

Click on the betting rate of that match to make a bet.

Note: Players depend on their ability to analyze bets, judgment and consult experts before making decisions. All betting activities of players are recorded by W88 and clearly displayed on the bet slip.

Finally, W88 will display a confirmation message that you want to place a bet or not. If the player agrees, click “OK” to confirm the bet amount, then wait for the result.


Above is all information about the betting platform at the W88 bookmaker. Hopefully, players will understand more about the sports platform at the bookmaker and make appropriate decisions. Currently, the sports platform of W88 have many attractive offers, players do not forget to refer to participate in promotions, have more betting opportunities. Good luck!


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