Knowing the Top Rules of Football Betting


It is not enough to know the available betting types, understand the bookmakers’ rules and application to every player. Several conditions make a bet valid, and even if the prediction is correct, it may not count in invalid cases. Before going into details, check here for trusted sports predictions.

1. Maximum Payout Rules

You need to know the maximum payout rules of a casino before betting. It means they cannot pay beyond a certain amount regardless of the stake you put into it. Also, note that the maximum payout rules differ from one casino to another.

2. 90 Minutes Rule

Note that every bet you place on a football game is valid for only 90 minutes, including the rest periods. If there will be any change, inquire from the bookmaker. Even if there is any extra time or extra penalty, it does not count as long as it reaches 90 minutes. Most importantly, make sure you discover the minute rule before placing a bet.

3. Dead Heats

Although dear heats are common with horse racing, they can surface in football betting. For example, you bet that Barcelona will win a match, but they ended in the same game level as two other games. The bet becomes a dead heat, as the gamblers involved will share the money accordingly. Hence, it is best to avoid dead heats in games as much as possible.

4. Goalscorer Rules

The rules to successfully placing a bet on goals in football betting is somewhat tricky. Most bookmakers do not release payout for goals unless the result is clear. Hence, the referee must declare the goal score during the game.

5. Abandoned Matches

Sometimes, unfavorable circumstances lead to abandoning the match. You want to be careful to determine the relevance of a game in the current state of football. More so, discover if your bet is still relevant in abandoned matches. 

What happens to your bet in an abandoned match depends on the cause. Moreover, postponed matches are different, as your bet does not count until the game replays.

6. Cashing Out in Football Betting

Cashing out is a betting term for gamblers unsure of the game result. Hence, bookmakers present an offer, while you can decide to take it or not. Cashing out has its advantage, such that it reduces the anxiety involved in studying the game activities and awaiting the outcome. However, ensure the bookmaker prediction is likely correct, as this option is best if the game will possibly go against your initial bet.


These rules are not rigid nor based on a stereotypic approach. Despite reading about these rules, you need to cross-check with the bookmaker before placing your bet.

It is no doubt gambling is a risky game, but at the same time fun, if you know the right procedures. Hence, this guide recommends bettors to follow up on sports news.


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