Get Inspiration for Your Pool with These 3 Pool Design Trends


From natural decking materials to slope and beach entries, pool manufacturing nowadays has progressed to several design trends that have gotten more popular among many homeowners in Australia today. If you are looking to build a pool that will stand out and make your landscape look unique, get inspiration for your pool with these pool design trends.

  • Water and Fire Features

Modern pool designs now have water features like pool waterfalls and fountains with adjustable water flow, pressure and height settings. Many households further enhance this with LED lighting to add the right ambience with just a touch of drama. 

Boulders and steps can be used to create cascades, the water overflowing down a rock face, and dropping off into the pool. Other water features include sheer water walls, spraying jets, fountain bubblers and water scones that your kids will be entertained with.

Another trend that is getting popular is the use of small fire features around the edge of the pool or a wall surrounding the pool area. Other fire features include volcano fire pits for tropical landscapes.

  • Knife-Edge Pools

This pool has its water to the brim and sits and the same level as the pool deck. They are also called wet edge pools and perimeter pools; The water flows into a slot edge at the pool’s perimeter to create a mirror-surface effect of your pool. Just like an infinity pool, this beautiful hybrid design fits right in for outdoor décor and make it stand out. However, installing it needs extensive knowledge of hydraulic systems and knowing how to construct them.

  • Adding Finishes

The finishing of your pool also significantly contributes to its design. Aggregate finishes are made with plaster mixed with small pieces of quartz, granite, river stones, or glass beads, and come in polished options; which contain polished crushed coloured stones, such as marble; and exposed options, which contain glass beads or pebbles in concrete that are power washed to expose them. This creates a beautiful finish that adds to the sophistication of the pool.

A beach entry pool has the look of a beach with sand, waterfalls, and other elements. Beach entries provide a nice lounge space on hot days and will invite the lazy sunbathers to enjoy a relaxing day by the pool. This design involves sloped entries where one of the pool’s sides or ledges gradually slopes into the water, perfect for children and the elderly.


These are just some of the many ways you can elevate your pool design. You can upgrade your deck with the use of natural materials like limestone and travertine pavers. They have the advantages of good drainage and is thus slip-resistant. This will also help in reducing your carbon footprint. 

To save more energy:

  1. Use lighting displays to your backyard landscapes by using LEDs.
  2. Add them to water features, stairs or even the pool itself.
  3. Remember, adding some of these features that require skilled construction knowledge, like the knife-edge pool, choosing the right pool builder is vital.

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