Jurgen Klopp Expresses More Uncertainty on Joel Matip Situation

joel matip

Update: Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp gives update on Joel Matip situation:

“There are not a lot of times in my life when I have been in a situation like this, not even a similar situation,” Klopp told a prematch news conference ahead of Wednesday’s FA Cup clash against Plymouth Argyle (quotes transcript via ESPN FC).

“I don’t want to blame anybody but I think our supporters deserve to know about the process we are in.”

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Diego Costa China Move Quashed; Returns to First Team Training


There’s a lot of news regarding Chelsea striker Diego Costa today. The mercurial, polarizing Premier League leading scorer (tied with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Alexis Sanchez) received a ridiculously lucrative offer from China, and that caused a row with Manager Antonio Conte and the coaching staff.

Thus resulting in Costa being forced to train alone, and away from his teammates. However, it appears now that the Spaniard will resume working out with the rest of his mates this week, and could feature in the next fixture against Hull City.

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Diego Costa Training Alone, not with Chelsea FC Teammates

diego costa chelsea fc news
UPDATE: Reports from multiple media outlets all across the United Kingdom claim that Diego Costa trained on his own, and not with his team on Monday.
It appears that Chelsea Manager Antonio Conte and star striker Diego Costa are butting heads, and the man higher up in the chain of command here will reportedly not back down.

Costa is the Premier League’s leading scorer, tied with Manchester United’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez. He’s one of the Blues most valuable players this season, but he was dropped over the weekend in the match against Leicester City due to a row he’s having with coaches and management.

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Howard Webb: Rooney Deserved Yellow, United Equalizer Offsides

howard webb

Overall, the Manchester United 1-1 draw with Liverpool wasn’t the best officiated match by referee Michael Oliver and his crew. You had this extremely aggressive challenge by Paul Pogba on Jordan Henderson that escaped booking.

So that’s a major blown call, but you had some other very questionable calls. Some felt that Wayne Rooney got away with some stuff while others believed Antonio Valencia was offsides on United’s lone goal, a scoring strike by Zlatan Ibrahimovic which tied him Chelsea’s Diego Costa and Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez for the Premier League.

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Antonio Conte Asks Players to Look Beyond Money in Diego Costa Situation

Chelsea striker Diego Costa is the Premier League’s leading scorer, tied with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Alexis Sanchez. He’s one of the Blues most valuable players this season, but he was dropped over the weekend in the match against Leicester City due to a row he’s having with coaches and management.

The source of the discord is an out of this world financial offer Costa received from the Chinese Super League.

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Seven Potential Chelsea FC January Transfer Window Targets


Punters who put free bets and large wagers with online bookmakers on Chelsea to win the EPL this campaign will be happy that the Blues currently sit atop the Premier League. They are looking back to their best after the disastrous season they had last year.

Both Diego Costa and Eden Hazard are playing like world-class stars again and they have the chance in the January window to buy new stars to supplement their bid to reclaim their throne.

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Free Horse Racing Tips for 2017

horse racing

The calendar has flipped, and a new year has begun for the horse racing industry all over the world.

In both America and Australia, the focus will shift towards the 3-year old classics and Triple Crown races. In Asia and Europe, top barns and horses will be looking to get back to work with an eye on big races scheduled for the springtime. For horse bettors and punters, this is the time of year to start looking for free horse racing tips and a few best bets that can make a difference.

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Paul Pogba “Achieves” First Ever “Dab” Handball Penalty


When you’re the most expensive player in global football history, and you’re not performing anywhere close to the expectations that accompany such a designation, you’re going to be mocked.

Antagonized, trolled, ripped, criticized etc. whatever you want to call it. Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba is having one of the worst games of his life (or at least he just completed a terrible half) having conceded an obvious hand ball penalty, which led to Liverpool converting the penalty kick and going up 1-0.

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Paul Pogba With Controversial Challenge on Jordan Henderson (Video)

Paul Pogba has had better days than this on the pitch.

Okay, most of the days that he’s been on the pitch were better than this. The world’s most expensive player “achieved” the world’s first ever “Dab” handball penalty (more on that with visuals at this link), which conceded a penalty kick to Liverpool, which was then converted by James Milner.

Then he committed this ridiculously aggressive challenge, which was not called.

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Jurgen Klopp and Jose Mourinho Have Heated Exchange

jurgen klopp

Manchester United versus Liverpool- it’s always huge, therefore it’s always emotional. Passions run deep on both sides of the touchline, in the arena, and throughout the world. The two managers, Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp and Manchester United’s Jose Mourinho even got into it.

Klopp appeared to be the angrier of the two coaches while Mourinho was the one seemingly trying to cool off the contentious exchange.

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Dwyane Wade Making Important Statements on MLK Day Weekend

dwyane wade

Chicago Bulls star Dwyane Wade addressed the crowd tonight prior to his team’s contest against the New Orleans Pelicans. On this Martin Luther King Day weekend, Wade asked everyone at the United Center to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and all that he stood for, most importantly us having respect for one another.

D. Wade passionately stated that the ideals MLK stood for matter today more than ever. Here’s a video clip of the reaction that he received once his statement was done:

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Jimmy Butler Dictates Bulls Fortunes; Rajon Rondo Called It

jimmy butler

As Jimmy Butler goes, so do the Chicago Bulls, and Rajon Rondo called it back in July. While making his famous, or now perhaps infamous, “three alphas” comment Rondo followed up by saying “it’s Jimmy’s team.”

Rondo has accomplished a lot, and Dwyane Wade has accomplished more than the rest of the Bulls roster combined, but Butler is the true alpha dog of this team. Jimmy Butler scored 28 points in 39 minutes today to lead Chicago over the very lowly New Orleans Pelicans, as the team became revitalized.

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