Seahawks TE Zach Miller has brilliant analysis, ground-breaking insight

Seattle Seahawks zach miller

Zach Miller just gave us some ground-breaking insight and brilliant pre-game analysis of the Super Bowl. Yes, and you thought you had to wait until today, Super Bowl Media Day to hear fresh new opinions and erudite thoughts on the complexities of NFL football. Zach Miller gave us this gem yesterday during his media availability. It’s unintentionally hilarious.


Zach Miller was asked if he feels the Seahawks offense is being overshadowed by the Broncos offense:

“I mean obviously the number one offense versus the number one defense is going to get a lot of attention, and it deserves to. It’s a cool matchup. Seeing our defense play every week is something special. I think as an offensive player, I have plenty of confidence in our offense. When we’re playing well, we look really good. We just need to execute, and as long as we’re doing that, we’re going to be scoring points. I expect this game to be close throughout, so we’ll see.”

Well, with cogent reasoning like that, and meticulously detailed meta-analysis like that, who needs any more Super Bowl coverage beyond that? Zach Miller has made us all a million times smarter in just a few sentences. If they award MacArthur Genius Grants in the field of NFL football, I nominate Zach Miller.

I don’t think I have to addendun *sarcasm* or #sarcasm on this post, do you?

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