San Diego Chargers will be an AFC West contender



Last year surprised a lot of San Diego Chargers fans as the Bolts took the NFL by complete surprise, and Phillip Rivers proved that he still can bring it. He answered his critics with authority. He led a high powered offense that overcame the shortcomings and the injuries on defense. Their pass defense was awful, and San Diego made some excellent changes to upgrade the secondary, and the team as a whole.

Did the Chargers improve themselves this past offseason?

Is San Diego’s Gaslamp District excessively loud?


The Chargers place in the division, the league and the postseason will be determined by their defense. What do the experts think? Are the Chargers projected to be favorites over the Chiefs? We know that the odds-makers love the Broncos in the West division. As they should. Most sportsbooks correctly project Denver as the heavy favorites and Oakland as the underdogs. To explore football favorites and underdogs check out You can start wagering on games in the preseason, and that’s less than two weeks away. Time to start doing your research now. And that’s why I think it’s critical to start looking at the Chargers defense.

They signed former Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowl cornerback Brandon Flowers to a one-year contract. He’ll help the secondary. What does Dwight Freeney have left in the tank? He missed 12 games last season, but now he’s back, to be paired with Melvin Ingram. Things can’t get worse, as the Chargers allowed the worst yards per pass attempt average and were second in yards allowed per play. I do love the Verrett pick though. That’s some good team-needs-based drafting there.

I would put this team somewhere in the league power rankings around #12-#14. Another 9-7 looks likely but 10-6 could happen too. I would say the ceiling is 11-5 with the floor 7-9.

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  1. The Long Distance Charger Fan says:

    Nice article Paulmbanks, especially the photo you selected!! Nice taste Mr. P…

    Last year I think the Chargers had Denver’s number…but this year the Denver Defensive Moves frightens me…they appear to be much stronger defensibly at least on paper than last year…I did read they are suffering some critical and key injuries on defense…but we must admit they did a great job with their Free Agency this year, especially on D!!

    KC doesn’t bother me this year and there is no way they will start 9-0!! It will be two great games to watch this year as Brandon Flowers will try to prove something really BIG when we play KC!!

    Oakland, well Oakland…they may be great and they may be in the pits…last year it was obvious that they would be in the pits, but this year with those many new changes…things may gel for the Raiders…maybe…

    Time will tell on the above “feelings”…

    I do know that the Chargers will be Fun, real Fun to watch this year!!

    Go Chargers!!!

    from “The Long Distance Charger Fan” reporting in this week from Damascus, Syria…

  2. David Stern I think was hypocritical he says no collusion but then stopped some of the Lakers trades he penalized the Lakers for being in a position of success !!!

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