New York Giants should consider drafting a quarterback


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It’s probably time for the New York Giants to draft a new quarterback. Eli Manning is not ELIte. Whether or not he once was he’s certainly not anymore. And it can’t hurt the New York Giants to find someone who could push Manning to become better, all the while grooming him to be his successor.

This is by far the best class for it. And the New York Giants are so BEYOND TERRIBLE this season. ESPECIALLY so on offense.


NYG will be in a position to draft high enough to grab Tajh Boyd from Clemson or Brett Hundley from UCLA. I doubt they’ll lose out enough to supersede Jacksonville will the #1 slot to take Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville; but you never know. The stars are aligning for them to do it this year.

On Monday NFL QB on CBS Sports the pundit roundtable of ex-QBs discussed the idea with all four of the NFL talking heads shooting it down. Steve Beuerlein was the only guy who was quotable on this one.

“This year has been pathetic. But there is no way you can discount what he has done to this point… He’ll forget about this year. He’ll forget about this year before this year even ends. He’ll start playing better and Eli will prove he’s the guy there for the next many years,” Beuerlein said of Eli Manning and the New York Giants.

Dan Marino, Rich Gannon and Phil Simms, an ex Giants signal caller himself all shot down the idea.

But then again how many things has the NFL collective punditocracy been wrong about lately?

Well, a lot.

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